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How to Write a Headline Guaranteed to Grab Attention

Because customer attracts through attractive headlines…

Write headlines

Drive traffic to your site by writing headlines in an appropriate manner.
To write headlines to grab attention, include these Four components…

1• Mention the problem

When a reader sees a headline that includes his problem, it stirs up his emotions and heightens his interest.

So in your headline, mention the problem your product solves. As well as try to keep it short and simple. Because simplicity is the key to successful posts.

As an example, here’s a headline for a fictional herbal supplement…

“How To Turn Your Depression Into A Life of Happiness And Purpose With This Ancient Chinese Secret!”

Notice how the headline describes the problem. Anyone who is depressed will immediately be drawn to the ad. And it will also attract more viewers towards the site.

2• Create curiosity

Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something. Unless people are curious to know something, they won’t look for it. So creating curiosity among the users is the must thing to do.

When added to a headline, the prospect becomes more interested in reading your ad.

In the example, the words “This Ancient Chinese Secret” invoke curiosity. That’s because ancient Chinese medicine and customs are mysterious to people in Western countries.

The reader will wonder what the ancient secret is and continue reading the ad to find out.

3• Create magnetic headlines

99% of people opt to read your article after reading your headlines. Headlines must be catchy in order to attract viewers.

Try to use your primary Keywords in your headlines. Use of long tail keyword is always suggested. They play a vital role while optimizing your content for search engines.

4• State the big result

Your product solves the problem your prospect is desperate to solve.

So include the result a customer gets when he uses your product.

In the example, the words “A Life of Happiness And Purpose” are a ray of sunshine. They give the reader hope that he can escape his depression.

Give this headline writing method a try… it works!

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