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As we all know Whatsapp is the world’s biggest messaging app. But this time they do care for some serious “business”, your business. Yes, you heard it right, they also do care for providing you a great business solution as well.

The world’s targeting messaging app has brought a great solution to take your business to the next level.

Whatsapp has over 1.2 billion active users globally out of which around 250+ million users are from India itself.

Recently Whatsapp Matt Idema ( Cheif Operating Officer ) told about their upcoming launch which is going to be future business ready. He told about their newly launched Whatsapp Business App. It’s already marketed in United States, UK, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy and now in India. They have provided a great tool for users to take their business to next level with loads of new features added to it.

The app is currently available for Android users on Play store. We are looking forward when the iOs version app will be launched in the market, yes iOS user has to wait for a bit.

Whatsapp Business is going to be a different service provided by the company so you don’t need to compare it with the regular WhatsApp messenger. It is built keeping in mind the whole new set of targeted customers.

Yes, it also means that you need to provide a completely new dedicated phone number for using this app as you cannot access it using your regular one. It does act like a problem for some user but provides a better verification of your business. Having a dedicated number does also proves a positive note for privacy for your regular WhatsApp number.

If you want to continue with only keeping one number in hand then surely you can move the existing number on Whatsapp Business. But remember it does provide you a warning that once you move your number to this account, it cannot be shared with associated another service.

So let us provide an introduction to the features of this app. We all know the rise of e-commerce, we all love to shop online whether buying clothing and appeals, stationary, automotive parts, accessories or even food items.

Keeping this as the primary choice Whatsapp decided to improve their users business experience. Improving the functionality and feasibility to its customers to connect their customer with their business and respond fastly over messaging improving the focus on the individual customer.

It will be a great option for small businesses and SME’s to expand their region of customers and connect them individually. It will act as a convenient way in order to their need which will surely be going to help their business flourish.

Let see how:-

1. Setting up of your Business profile

This will help you in setting up useful information about your business such as providing a business description to your customers with your email, store address, number, and website.

2. It will obviously act as a messaging tool

Messaging on this app is not going to be like regular WhatsApp as it will provide you with some smart feature to improve your conversation with your customers. Note these feature which is going to be time-saving in response to you a well.It includes

Quick Replies which will allow you to response fastly for your customers frequently asked questions.
Greeting Messages which will let you customers getting an introduction to your business.
Away Messages which will notify your customers in case you are busy.

3. Know your Statistics

Basic math is necessary for business and so does comes the role of statistics. Don’t worry its not about the statistics we don’t prefer to do in our schools. This will notify you how everything is working just by showing you simple metrics and numbers. SO yes it will be a better choice to focus on this one to improve on regular basis

4. Whatsapp Web for your business too

When you are working on your business it might get irritating sometimes when you need to continuously shift your focus to your phone looking at all the message you are going to receive. For this issue, it does have a solution too.

Yes, this app does have a desktop version which will prove great as you don’t need to pick up your phone continuously while working. Just open up a tab in your browser and stay connected.

5. New Account type

Once your phone number is verified your account will be listed as a business account which is going to help your customers to identify that they are having a conversation with a business.

This app surely going to turn a lot of heads in the business industry. You are allowed to use your regular WhatsApp account as well as they will not force you to move your account or close that account once you register in this app. Your regular account will have the regular chat features you will be using just like older times.

Today many do use their regular WhatsApp account to connect with their customers. This app is going to help them and at the same time will sort out all the issues you had while using a regular account. So download it now from the given below link and happy business.


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