Top 5 PC optimization software

Optimizing PC using appropriate PC optimization software is a must thing these days.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s NOT AN EASY TASK to work with your laptop without any speed or hanging issue.

Well, it can be resolved by using few PC optimization software which can make your system to work highly smoothly…

And in today’s post, I am going to tell you some best software’s through which you can make your PC dance like Michael Jackson.


By the end of 2017, we definitely need to improve our pc slow-mo speed. For sure your pc often works on the slow side. We often forget to optimize our pc times to improve its basic conditioning to meet the system requirements for various apps and software instead of adding that extra piece of RAM or any other software.

There are inbuilt windows maintenance apps which still does the same thing but are time-consuming. One can opt for these simpler and faster solutions at your own better convenience.

1. Iolo System Mechanic

The list first app is Iolo System Mechanic app which does all your important tasks whether it be

• Removing junk files and unnecessary apps,

• Blocking unwanted auto-run apps,

• Free the extra need of RAM, and

• It also wipes out the browsers history and cache files.

This software does make the difference that is needed for our system and you will surely go to find out the significant improvement too. The free edition is excellent but for those who can pay for that extra can go for the premium version for just $40.

2. CCleaner by Piriform

Then next best performance improver in surely going to be Ccleaner, the worlds best choice for remove that extra junk from your system.Brinkker

The free version covers up all the important aspects of cleaning up of cache file and cookies and removing up of temporary files.

You can also add the extras like scheduled cleaning and real-time protection as a premium feature as well.

For those sluggish pics, this is a must free app to be pinned on your taskbar.

3. IObit Advanced System Care

Another best app in the category of optimization is IObit Advanced System Care which is available in 2 versions.

First one is a free version. And second is the pro version with paid features which you can go for in around $20. The paid version does add up some crucial features like internet boost up, privacy protection, real-time optimization, registry cleaning and an all-time technical support.

The best part of this tool is its simple interface design which makes it stand out from others.

4. PC Decrapifier

For all those who just bought a new pc, you are surely going to need this one. This PC optimization tool is particularly for the brand new PC’s, and for those who are excited to run loads of new apps and programs.

It works in a way that it removes all your redundant data and useless junk from your system whenever you try to add a new software to your system.

This free app is worth trying as it analyses your system and shows you the apps which you can get rid of your computer.
It was developed pc cleaning in mind so much that it does not even install on its own.

5. Razer Cortex Game Booster

Are you a Gamer?
If your answer is yes, then this is for you only.

For the gamer in you, it is developed for improving systems performance to handle those heavy running processes.

This can be your answer to struggle, whenever you are trying a new game on your system. This software is available free for its users and to get the best out for your gaming performance.

It cleans out the unnecessary system processes and defragmenting your system to add up the performance needed.

The result isn’t too much that will make you jump out of your seats but still, even smaller results are going to make a bigger difference.
“Smaller steps results in great one”.

Note: Do you know it’s you who screw your system. Well, in order to restrict yourself from doing so we are here for you to guide on How to stop yourself from screwing up your system/PC

Stay tuned…!!!

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