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Top 10 websites for getting into Video Blogging

VLog it…!!!

Video blogging is one of the best-growing cultures nowadays. So every video enthusiasts or bloggers, are always in constant search of content to let them help in making their videos much better than they suppose to be. The Internet is full of websites which provide tips and tricks, various options on how to improve their videography content. But which are going to be the best option to provide the choice you are searching for to stay updated.
So from where one can stay updated about the latest trend and learn more about video training and review the related products.

Let’s take quick list of websites which are going to be the helpful resources for you:-

1. Videomaker

The team of videomaker magazine and their website comes at the top of the list. The reason behind this is their originality about their posts. Their aim to provide quality content is helping them to take a new turn. From beginners to experienced pros are switching to this site in order to get answers to their questions. One will get just everything they want to know about.

2. Pro Video Coalition 

For those who are searching content related to making high-quality video and professional equipment.
Apart from it, they have a whole lot of knowledge ranging from iPhones to drones.

3. Studio Daily

This site gives an insight of video production to webinars to job postings and all related things. This site probably suits best for high-end videographers or independent producers.

4. Adorama 

This is one of the biggest retailers of video equipment. In their huge inventory consists of brands new exclusive items plus one can get great deals on refurbished items as well. A list of quality equipment under a low range, when compared to those high end priced selling companies, is the best thing one can get from here.

5. B & H Photo Video

A top-notch blog providing the premium content of your service with a huge inventory of used products. A New York City-based megastore’s website is definitely one of those tops which need to be placed on this list.

6. Premium Beat

Music without which a video cannot be completed or even cannot be imagined. Video makers are always in search of quality produced music albums and tunes that fit perfectly into their video can go to this website. High-quality music at reasonable prices is what this site offers.

7. Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle another website which consists of a well-stocked library of quality music is the chief contender to Premium Beat. Thousands of site exists but these two are the special mention which is ruling their category among the top competitors.

8. Ground Control

Today is the age of shooting through iPhones and GoPro and for them to manipulate the final look and feel of their video plays the most important part. LUTs or Look Up Tables are files needed to edit image data. These LUTs can be used to get your video quality just as they were shot by pros from a high-end device. These professional grade LUTs are at reasonable prices are perfect for editing just about anything one ought to do.

9. Edit Stock 

The perfect site that allows learning on a wider range of motion pictures and cinematics. Just not these but it also provides a breakthrough learning experience for beginners till they advance in their careers. This site also provides the luxury to get a look at even at the clips shot by professionals at a very low cost. Getting that professionally shot footage will surely go to help you a lot in your practice and training time.

10. Rampant Design Tools

This site allows their user to use their high-end studio type created video effects with an option of drag and dropping. Apart from this a free training schedule for user help them achieve content with working on special effects onto another level.

Bonus – No Film School & Red Shark News, These two sites are a powerhouse packed with industry highlights, articles and news for every level of video enthusiasts.
These sites are surely going to be the stepping stones to quality production. Stay Raw, Start Shooting.

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