Top 10 Android apps in 2018

Best of the best are here…

Google play store the biggest Android market in the world having more than 3.5 million apps for each of your handsets. It can be a low-end model or a flagship premium.
3.5 million !! that lots of application when it comes outfitting the best in that limited space of your mobile.
For every Android user, the saying goes as ” don’t worry there is an app ” because they know where to scroll when needed.

But did it also frustrates you browsing through those millions of application but still won’t get the right one to fit your task? Don’t worry we will help you in finding you the best Android apps.

The best part is that you won’t need to spend a time on them.

So let’s go through the list, shall we:-

1. Grammarly keyboard

It makes the first on the list.
Let us tell you.

What if a single keyboard allows you to do more than just typing stuff you want to. Yes, Grammarly keyboard comes with a load of feature which is going to be most handy for you. It does consist of a paid version but the freemium version is enough for daily users. It allows you not to misspell words and let you make your writing better.

On the other side, it also allows the user to check their grammar mistakes and correct them on the go. This app plays the best part for hobbyists, job appliers, students, bloggers, and writers.

For this app one must require an internet connection as it scans your writing. It also provides you suggestions to correct your spelling mistakes and improve your sentences.
In the premium version, it does more than analyzing your writing and suggesting you improvements.

2. CM Locker

Want to customize your Android device, this app will help you right around the corner. CM Locker allows to replace your lock screen with a customized one and contains a selfie feature.

What this selfie feature do that if someone tries to intrude your privacy, this will capture their picture using a front-facing camera.

Take it like this, you handed your phone to someone you don’t want goes through your data. Once they try to unlock the device, after trying three four patterns the app automatically clicks an image and stores it later for you.

But CM Locker is more than an app which has the anti-theft feature. It also allowed you to customize your lock screen with background wallpapers and showing you the news headlines on the go.

Another cool feature is to show you weather forecasting, music player, and notification display.


IFTTT ( If This Than That ) is one of the most rapidly increasing app nowadays because of its loads of features. It features to allow you automate different tasks and events.

For example, you need to post your data on your blog or want to send someone message about any particular event you are gonna do or placing a copy of your images from your phone to google drive or Dropbox.

You can also create spreadsheet automated for your data to feed in it.

All you need is to create an “applet” in the app on your device which automates your various tasks and processes and notify you time to time.

4. ASUS File manager / ES File Manager

With day by day increasing of storage in our devices it becomes a hectic task to manage all the load of chunky folders on your device.

These file managing apps provide you open ability to manage and access your data from one place only without making it a tedious task. The feature of organizing data with this much simplicity plays the part in differentiating Android from iOS.

These apps are must for everyone’s smartphone. ES File Manager is the best file manager from all but Asus File Manager also sets some standard features which differentiate it from the two.

Asus will be considered as the second best option apart from ES File manager fitted with easy user interface experience. When you can figure it out from where to get that extra space out for that another photograph or application.

5. Google Duo

Apple’s once best feature, which is well played by Apple in keeping you stuck in your iPhones is its FaceTime feature but what if you aren’t a big fan of iPhones.

Well, Android also do serve this feature on your plates with Google Duo. Yes, you heard it right Google Duo is similar to FaceTime for Android users. What it does is providing you the crispiest experience you desired for.

We bet you have questions regarding that Android do use to have many such apps like Skype.

But what is good about Google Duo is lies in its simplicity of how better quality video call you can do with it without interruptions. And without even setting an account with a lengthy process which by the way failed Skype to keep its audience stick with them.

Talking about simplicity is all you need is to tap a contact to place a call.

6. ToDoist / Google Keep

Well, the days of carrying a notepad with ourselves at everyplace to jot down crucial points we need to do in order to remember things are over.

In today’s generation everyone carries a smartphone and what come within them are apps like ToDoist and Google Keep which help you note down all the key points and things you need to do whether it is making the list of grocery items you are gonna buy from the nearest shopping mart or things your boss has given you a task to be completed by the end of the day. These freemium apps will help you note the best of you want to.

Tracking up all your list and scheduling them according to the right time are the basic features. And these apps will provide you these features.

ToDoist provides many other options than Google Keep like tracking up multiple complicated files and subdividing that to-do list.

Assigning a particular task to a particular person and sending reminders by mails when the task is due.

Google Keep is enough for basic needs as it comes with a feature like recording a voice memo as well which can be handy too, but for that extra options, you are getting one can prefer to go with ToDoist.

These apps come with a cross-platform feature which means does matter on which device you use them, just provide the task and they will handle it the way it uses to be.

Since Google Keep is free it does comes with standard features, so one can opt for ToDoist which comes with both free and premium subscription.

The free version which is perfect for almost everyone allows you to have 80 active tasks and 5 people can be assigned to each task.

On the other hand, the premium feature is at $28.99/yr gives to location-based notification like features.

What it does that it will send you a pop-up notification about something you want to buy like veggie from a local grocery store, whenever you cross a nearby store related to that thing.

7. Call Recorder and True Caller

We do have a person in our family, friends or an office employee, who does change a lot of phone numbers. A frustrating member.


Doesn’t matter whether they are doing just for fun or for some actual use of a new number. Sometimes it does become annoying.

Now, what you can go for apps like Call Recorder (ACR – Another Call Recorder) and True Caller which helps you in recording that call or see who is the person calling you with that number.

For those who are in the professions like reporters, interviews or a business person are necessarily going to have these apps to record calls and know the personal contact details on regular basis because of their never-ending list of contact history.

ACR provides its user feature of password protection for their recorded calls with different formats and classifying whom to record or not. It does have a premium feature which let you store data in cloud storage as well.

8. Velociraptor

Google Maps, the most widely use an app for getting directions but it too has a good alternative too.

Yes, Velociraptor is a great app for not only finding up the directions but also shows you various other options as well.

It uses OpenStreetMap, a crowdfunded version of Google Maps to collect speed limit of various location near your surroundings so that you can save your self and make sure you won’t get pulled over by police.

But we all are born to break rules and drive the limits, don’t we? In that case, you can also set the desired tolerance level which alerts you whenever you tries to cross that barrier.

9. Newton Mail

We all do have a common account on Gmail and is used currently for everything out theirs. Bit newton mail is now one of the fastest and best alternatives to Gmail.

It is one of the best and most powerful apps in the market now because of its support of various other plugins which will help you improve your productivity in an instant.

Apps like ToDoist, Evernote, Trello, Zendesk and much more, all of them are supported by Newton Mail whose seamless integration allows you to speed up your work very efficiently and smoothly

10. PicsArt Photo Editor / Adobe Lightroom / Google Snapseed

Photography is what nowadays everybody loves, whether they know how to hold a camera or not. With the craziness of shooting everything, a user sees in front of him the increase in smartphones with DSLR functionality has increased at a rapid rate.

But apart from just clicking up an image, every image needs to be retouched a bit to bring the best out of it. These three photography apps will help you in bringing out the best of them.

With a large variety of features, these apps will provide you to transform your image into a masterpiece no one can imagine.

Each app provides you setting up of a variable element. Like Pics Art will provide you various of editing themes, borders, emojis, effects to provide on your photos.

On the other hand, Adobe Lightroom and Google Snapseed will help you in giving your image that professional touch. Such as edit lighting, exposure, color contrast, brightness, shadows and much more.

With a premium flagship camera phone, you are surely going to need these apps so download them right now.

Note: Do read Apps and Accessories for Mobile Photography”

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