Scientifically proven ways to improve your productivity

B’coz it’s productivity that matters…!!!

Everyone says in your early years of life be willing to work for up to 20 hours a day. Learn more and more at each step of schooling, college life and work harder and harder every day. But working hard does not always prove to get you the right path to success.Sometimes you need to work less in order to produce a better result.
Consider an owner of a small shop, yet he works for hours a day still he isn’t able to make enough to compete with the big million making companies.Time is limited for each of us. Everbody got 24 hours 7 days a week whether one is a billionaire or a small shop owner. Luck plays a part in it but the key point is Efficiency of the one running that entity.That’s why small startups accomplished so much. Such as Instagram sold for billions to Facebook is a company with only 13 employees or Snapchat, a 30 employees company rejecting big offers from tech giants like Facebook & Google.

It’s not hard working but smart working – a key to success.

Here are 6 things to stop to increase your productivity:-

1. You don’t need to work overtime still you can increase your productivity.

In 1926, Henry Ford founder of Ford Motors conducted experiments and find out decreasing your daily working time to 8 to 10 hours and 5 to 6 days a week will help you increase your productivity.On the other hand, the more you work the less productive and active you will feel in a further phase of time. It can also be considered as if you are working for more hours on projects it is more likely you are skipping up more of your time from your sleep which in turn increase your fatigue level and decreases your productivity the next day. If you want to divide your time it is a great option that you divide your time into various naps throughout the day or divide your work into shifts.

2.(Don’t always say “yes”)You need to start saying ‘No” often

Track everything you do, optimize divide your task and then define which task requires to have yes and which lies in the no category.Most of us are frequent yes-sayer just in order not to be a bad guy in front of others or due to their fears of getting fired or being rejected by others.

3.Everyone in the world needs help, even you too need it.

Instead of doing everything by your own self you need to start letting others help you. There a time going to come in your career where you need to handle a whole bunch of task and people at once and honestly you won’t be able to handle it all on your own and end up being not being accepted by your own community. It will also give you a plus point that user-generated reviews related to your work will help you achieve more of your content marketed.
Seeking help will also help you dividing your tasks and projects between your team members and focus on important tasks.


4. No one is Perfect

Perfection is just a myth. If Microsoft is going to think that they are the only perfect company in the world then they are over exaggerating their company and are not looking on their rivals as well like Apple from that time then they have started their journey down the road of success instead of going up.
being perfectionist will only let you wasting more of your time on a single task throughout the day.Yet you don’t need to multitask to do more work in the same span of time as it will decrease the focus on each specific task you are performing on.Divide time between two or three task focusing on one for a specified time.

5.Don’t be repetitive, start automating tasks

The more you give time to repetitive task the more you will reduce your efficiency over time. As in long terms you will focus your mind on doing unnecessary things more often.Instead do a task once and do it in a way that when you approach at that step next time you don’t need to start it from scratch instead most of the percentage of the task can be completed on the basis of previous work.

6. Do focus on various other activities other than just working

Instead of just locking yourself up in a box-shaped cubicle and keep on working like an idiot focusing on something unnecessarily, take some of your time out and spend it on other activities that you also want to do whether it be playing an instrument, painting out the world of your dreams or just even walk for a while to give yourself a boost . Take time to self-respect, as it will also sometimes provide you answers to those questions you cannot find sitting next to in your chair.

We do not become productive overnight just by thinking, all we need to work out the way out to the path of improvement we need to be.

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