Robotics – A new imagination of Students painting the town in red

Every kid has a hectic schedule of going to school, carry their heavy bags and learn those subjects which aren’t their point of interest.

But they must have something they love to do as a part of a hobby or their passion.

One must have something which can also help them grow as a part of their future studies.

So is M Sai Saketh.

A class X student is spending his time away from school in his favorite activity and that is robotics.
Yes, robotics is the new hobby and passion of school going students.

He says that robotics is the field in which he wants to build his future ahead. Probably he is much serious about his passion for robotics. The best is one a student takes is deciding early in their life in which field they want to go and pursue their dreams.

The point is not many of us stick to once what we have decided and in the end left with nothing. According to him, he is one step ahead in his direction of what he wants to achieve in his life.

So what does he did?

He joined a two week free programs and worked hard on his project with his trainer.

The workshop is hosted by Academy of Robotics. Their a student of class VI named R. Siddarth considered it a great opportunity to learn robotics who is building his own windmill model.

A student said that they felt extreme jow when discovering new things and are fortunately joining a workshop in the area of their interest. It is a must for parents to listen to their kid and allow them to go to such kinds of workshops and help them grow mentally.

As per Academy of Robotics combining learning with fun will make students open to new fields and grow efficiently. They have arranged this workshop for free to celebrate the RObotics Week.

Mr. M. Srikanth, director of Academy of Robotics said that it is not only to see the interest among school students related to robotics but also to help them learn and develop themselves makes them arranging this workshop at free of cost for students.

This will also help to develop soft skills like working with a team and foster healthy competition, he added.
According to Mr. Srikanth, students are taking interest in this field and are demanding to take it as part of their future domain.

Since robotics is not just merely robotics but a combination of various branches like a creative engineer, science, electronics, programming and architecture and much more, this will help students to decide which one to choose and pursue as a subject in their future.

This will help the students to grow their careers as researchers, entrepreneurs and designers he observed. However, it is a must for students to join various of workshops and seminars related to what they wanna do as it will help them to give them an edge when it comes to learning and self-development.

This will improve skills like designing, innovation, clearing their basics and concepts for students participated. Plus will help them to gain experience and cope up challenges with ease added Mr. Srikanth.

The free workshop is held and supported by Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) at Academy of Robotics.

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