MOM.exe Behind the Scene Program

Today we will be telling you about MOM.exe. The new concept of it is emerging in a very different manner. MOM.exe is normally a part of a program called the ATI Catalyst Control Center.

This program helps in running your video card properly.
It is one of the most important parts of AMD Catalyst Control Center. Which comes with AMD video cards. The Catalyst Control Center is necessary whenever changes in advanced graphics settings are required as per required to run the related software. The driver becomes unstable whenever your system experience any kind of problem with MOM.exe and gets an error message.

So what does MOM.exe actually does?

The key function of MOM.exe is to monitor Catalyst Control Center performance. Launches with CCC.exe in the startup of your system, monitoring the operations of video card installed and giving out the best requirement need of power and performance out of your AMD’s video card.
Just like AMD’s rest executable files, MOM.exe also runs in the background. This means under normal usage it doesn’t play an important part. But unless you need to pay high-end games, setting up of multiple monitors or accessing more of the advanced settings.

Those systems which come preloaded with AMD or ATI video cards usually get this installed along with Catalyst Control Center by default. This file also gets installed when an individual upgrades their video card to AMD’s. The Catalyst Control Center will also be installed at that time which also installs this file alongside the preinstalled CCC.exe and other executable required.

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