Important facts about Coffee

Things you don’t know about coffee, world’s most preferred caffeinated drink

On 1st of October, the world celebrates international coffee day
it is celebrated in order to promote coffee usage and celebrate it as the worlds best know beverage.
It was declared by international coffee organization officially on 1 October 2015 for the first time to raise awareness for coffee growers and was launched in Milan. On this day one can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee at a various location where it is offered at a discounted rate or even for free.

But do you know some facts related to coffee, let put some light over them:-

1. Coffee is said to be discovered in around 800AD in a place named Ethiopia. Ethiopia is in East Africa where Shepherds feed their goats with coffee beans.

2. In those golden eras, coffee is considered as a trade commodity apart from oil in the world. That even now stayed in its place according to global exchanges.

3.Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee which is made from excreta od civet cat. Civet cat is fond of eating coffee beans. When they excrete the leftover, beans are collected. It is then processed making it one of the most expensive coffee in the world.

4. Normally every food item is weighed or volumed in terms of kilograms. But the standard unit for measuring coffee is “bag”. The bag has a weight of 60kg of coffee beans packed in it.

5.During 2016, Brazil becomes the largest coffee exporter in the world with an amount ranged to 55 million bags which equals to an amount of US $4.9 billion and captures a 15.9% of the total coffee export market. Vietnam captured the spotlight at the second spot with an amount of 25 million bags( the US $3.2 billion).

6. Espresso Coffee is one of the most preferred drink among various coffee varieties. But what if it is not a variety of coffee?
Yes, it is the process through which it is made up of. Espresso is the Italian meaning of “forcing out something” referring to the way it is made. Hot water is forced out to press coffee grounds in your cup.

7. Even though with a large variety of coffee drinks, most of them are made by Arabic beans. Actually, there are two types of coffee beans named as Arabic and Robusta. In the whole world, almost 70% are Arabic beans are used for making of caffeine drinks. Robusta is mostly used in high caffeinated drinks as it contains twice the amount when compared to the same amount of Arabica beans, yet it is not so popular.

8. It is a drink but does you know originally it was consumed as a food product. In the days of its origin, it was consumed as an energy snack with wine.

9.Coffee beans are actually not beans, due to their resemblance to the shape of beans. They are placed in that category but actually, they are a form of fruit. Because they are extracted from coffee berries which are similar to cherry fruit.

10. Many suggest that coffee is not good for health because it contains caffeine. But the fact it reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease can make even the non-coffee drinkers sip at least one cup of it daily. Yes, drinking not coffee instead anything from soft drinks to alcohol, in excess amount is surely going to be bad for your health plus as an add-on adding milk weakens its effect and helps our body to absorb it much effectively.

Few more

11. The more a coffee is roasted the less amount of caffeine it will have in it. Everyone knows that dark roasted coffees have a stronger taste but still their caffeine amount is lower than that of a less roasted amount as those stimulants get burned off.

12. Decaf means de-caffeine but that does not mean your drink does not have caffeine at all. Decaf still contains caffeine but in a much lesser quantity. A normal cup of coffee can have as much as 95 to 200 milligrams whereas a decaf has just only 25-35 milligrams of caffeine in it. Because of which it becomes an ideal choice for those who prefer it on a low side.

13. According to the original definition, coffee means “Wine” as its original name is ‘ Qahwah’. A Yemen term used for wine.

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