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How To make Good Backlinks

Boost your site…

For good backlinks, you need to do hard work with smart work. So get ready.

Many of you have heard of KnowEm. It is a website which helps you create your brand presence across 500+ POPULAR SOCIAL NETWORKs. It is a paid network but we can use it to create backlinks manually for Free.

There are multiple kinds of websites present in like Blogging, Business, Community, Music, Travel Etc

Here is the URL to check all these sites:


Now how to use these websites? :

1. Profile backlinks: The least you will get from all these websites is profile backlinks. (People who think that profile backlinks are shit then you need to go through your link building basics again.)

2. Contextual backlinks: if blogging option is present.

3. Contextual backlinks: if forums are present.

4. Contextual backlinks: if Journals are present.

5. Direct Link: If bookmarking option is present.

6. All other kinds of backlinks.

It is for sure that you will get at least one backlink from all of these websites no matter what.

Let’s take examples from few categories but before that, I wanna tell you all these sites will help you rank better because of the link diversity.

CG 1 “Blogging”

Ex 1 : -> high PR NOfollow contextual backlinks

Ex 2 : -> PR 3 dofollow contextual backlink

CG 2: “bookmarking”

Ex 1: Stumbleupon -> high PR nofollow backlink

Ex 2: We heart it ->same, high PR nofollow and dofollow backlink

CG 3: “Business”

Ex 1: -> high PR nofollow and dofollow contextual backlink

Ex 2: Linkedin -> high PR nofollow and dofollow contextual backlink

CG 4: Community

Ex 1: -> High PR nofollow contextual backlink (Can also be used for spamming since it is not moderated)

Ex 2: Cafemom -> Medium PR dofollow contextual link from forum profile & comment backlinks from its subsidiaries.

Ex 3: Kiwibox -> Medium PR dofollow contextual link

CG 5: Music

Ex 1: -> High PR dofollow Profile, bookmarking, image and contextual backlink.

Likewise other categories and sites. Please go to all the sites one by one and take your time to figure out the kind of backlink you can get from those sites.



Very Very important tips :

1. Make your profile backlink relevant by using the main keyword, or keywords in your profile where ever possible.
for example, I am Ashutosh, I love to play basketball so I made a website on “FIBA world cup”.
2. Do not spam these sites (having blogging option especially) otherwise, they will kick you out.
3. Use these sites to rank permanent blogs but not event blogs.
4. You can make an infinite number of backlinks on many of these websites.

If you have any queries then put it in the thread. I will try to help you all. My next important share will on “How to pass PR and linkjuice to rank better than your earlier ranking?”

And don’t forget to read How to write a headline to grab attention.

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