How to fix Cortana

Windows virtual assistant Cortana is one of the widespread features of windows that is turning heads. Almost every person is connected to the internet in one way or the other, which also keeps her awake. It is one of the best features to work with but sometimes she might get you in trouble. Sometimes she unknowingly becomes absent from where one shouldn’t be without any reason. Sometimes the user didn’t get the answer to “Hey Cortana” as she uses to do. Perhaps there might be a problem which can be fixed in different ways but all at first one need to restart their system before trying these solutions.

1. Configuring ! correction re-configuring microphone

Cortana can only respond when she is enabled and can only response to users voice when a microphone is also available.

☻ In the Search window presented on the Taskbar, just type Cortana.
☻ Now in the System Settings, the result appears as Cortana & Search Settings, click on it.
☻ Enabling the following options available:-
Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana” to interact with Cortana
Respond when anyone says “Hey Cortana” to allow other users to talk to Cortana.
Use Cortana when my device is locked can be set on as per ones need.
Now make sure Cortana can hear me is set to Get Started under the category of Microphone.
Go Thorugh the Wizard to set the microphone settings and let windows resolve any further problems arises.

2. Fixing problems related to Microsoft Account

An issue arises with your account when Start menu is not working and showing a critical error. Sometimes logging the account out and logging it back can resolve the issue but if it doesn’t, try out these simple steps as well.
First, click the start button and select the user icon.
Click on the sign-out and then again sign in back using your Microsoft account. But if this doesn’t resolve to try to restart your system.

3. Keep your system updated.

Sometimes the issue can be due to outdated os as most of won’t bother to update the OS. Microsoft frequently provides updates in order to solve various issues. To update your system just go through update settings in this way:-
Simply type Check for Updates in the Search option in your Taskbar.
From the results shown click on Check for Updates.
Again click on Update and wait till the process completes.
Restart your computer and see whether you are having any problem or not.
Remember to check the automatic updation as it is quite a handy stuff as it automatically keeps your system up to date.
Note: Cortana works with specific language so you need to configure your computer with additional languages as per your region as an update from Microsoft to keep it working.

4. Go for Start Menu Troubleshooter

Start Menu Troubleshooter resolve problems related to Cortana and Start Menu. All you need is to navigate through Start Menu Troubleshooter page.
Click on Try the Troubleshooter and then click on Start Menu Troubleshooter.
Select downloaded file option and click on next button. Now it all depends on your browser how will you find the file.
If some issue arises let the troubleshooter arises and close.

5. Restarting the Cortana Process

The simplest option is to stop and then again restarting the Cortana Windows process.
Go to task manager either by typing in the Search Window or hold down the Ctrl key + Alt key + Del key to open it.
From the Process Tab scroll down to locate Cortana and right click it one time.
Now click on End Task and them restarting the device again.

6. Anti-Virus Issue

Some of the antiviruses has shown incompatible issues related to Cortana.
If you are using third party application try disabling it or uninstalling it. From the Control Panel and try uninstalling the program.Instead, go for using windows firewall.

7. Re-installing Cortana

Press Windows key + X and then press A.
Select Yes to open up the PowerShell.
Type in the command and everything should be in one single line: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | For each {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register
Press Enter and wait till the process complete.

8. Resetting the PC might help you.

If none of the option as stated above won’t work then all you need is to reset your system or take it to your service center.
To reset it just go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery. Click on reset option and then go through the process. This will also setup Cortana again.

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