404 error not found

How to fix 404 Not found error

404 Not Found Error! Fix it now

An Http status code commonly we know as 404 not found error refers to a web page you are trying to reach but cannot be found on a server. These are frequently shown by websites and that too in various interactive ways.

The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server
404 Not Found
404 Error
Error 404
HTTP 404 Not Found
HTTP 404
404 File or Directory Not Found
404 Page Not Found
Error 404 Not Found

These are some common ways in which the error is displayed in the web browser just like a webpage. Another possibility of displaying this error is 400 bad request error. Just keep a check for 404 or 400 in your title bar to show the reference to which of the code.

So what is the cause of this error?

Now the mistake is on you, yes technically speaking it is a client-side server error which can be due to wrongly typed URL from your side or either the page has been removed or moved to a different location. Another reason can be the moving issue in which a website has moved the page but they haven’t redirected the older one to a new page. This in turn automatically generate 404 error.

Now to fix this error just do the following :-

1.Sometimes it might appear due to unnecessary reason so try to reload the site and see whether it appears to gain or not.

2. Check the typed URL as you can mistaking entered the wrong site which showed this error. Make sure to find out that whether the error is pointing to a wrong URL or not.

3. Moving up directory levels till you find a result.

for example, let say a website www.website.com/x/y/z.html showed an error. So now try to move up to a previous or upper-level directory at www.website/x/y/. If you again faced an issue try for another level www.website/x/ and so on until you confirm that it is no longer available.

4. Moving up to all directory levels, you can also first try to search the random post you want or using the category tab to search in deeper.

5. Updating again your bookmark once you have found the newest URL.

6. Clearing the cache in your browser can help with frequent issues. As sometimes the older error data saved as cache memory can be shown by your browser instead of going for a live version.

7. Sometimes the whole website shows an error in this case you can go for changing the DNS servers used by your system but opt it in this case only.
A particular website can show the error in cases when ISP or government has blocked the website or filtered the content on a particular website. Try to have an alternative DNS server can be a wise option otherwise.

8. Finally, if everything fails. Go to the website support network and ask about the related issue if they have either deleted the post or moved the page to a new address.

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