When the doctor said- “It’s all due to Lack of Vitamin E”

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant qualities that make your immune system strong. It generally occurs naturally in a wide variety and range of foods and is even also added to certain food products to help you increase your intake.

Vitamin E has always been a key for good Eyesight, healthy skin and Strong immunity power.

Now you must be thinking that can we get Vitamin E naturally from foods?

Well, you must be surprised by knowing that most of the people get sufficient Vitamin E from food.
Some of the best sources of vitamin E include:

◘ Vegetable Oil
◘ Eggs
◘ Mango
◘ Nuts, Avocados
◘ Green leafy vegetables, like spinach
◘ Fortified cereals and other foods
◘ Kiwi
◘ Apricot and Green Olives
◘ Pine Nuts

Else, one can use Evion supplement – India’s No.1 Vitamin E brand.

Are you suffering from Vitamin E deficiency?

This might be possible that you are suffering from Vitamin E deficiency.

Now the sure shot question is What are the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency?

○ The decrement in levels of vitamin E can cause a lot of digestive system problems, which will result in poor absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Resulting which there would be diseases related to pancreas, liver, gallbladder etc.

○ If you are suffering from chronic Diarrhea and going through greasy stools, then yes you can be Vitamin E deficient.

○ Dry skin

○ Vision problem is one of the common symptoms of it.

○ Dry and loss of hair.

○ Muscular weakness in women’s.

Vitamin E deficiency is generally because of low birth weight.


1• Helps in Balancing Hormones: 

Vitamin E plays a vital role in balancing your nervous system and endocrine gland, easiest and natural way to balance your hormones.

Now, how to know about the hormonal disbalance? or, What can be the symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance include sudden weight gain, Premenstrual Syndrome, allergies, urinary tract infections, spots on skin, anxiety, and fatigue. By keeping hormones in balance, it will become easy to maintain a healthy living, healthy weight, helps in keeping a regular menstrual cycle and you will find yourself feeling more energetic.

2• Helps PMS Symptoms 

Do you know Vitamin E helps in reducing the pain and its duration during the menstrual period? Also, it reduces menstrual blood loss.

Intake of vitamin E supplement 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after a menstrual period can reduce the anxiety, cramping, and cravings and other PMS symptoms. It does this by balancing one’s hormones naturally, and it helps in keeping menstrual cycle regulated. 

3• If in Pregnancy, then it is must for Proper Growth and Development:

Vitamin E is one of the essential components during pregnancy. It is also required for proper development in infants and children.

It helps in protecting from critical fatty acids and helps in controlling inflammation.

Experts found that the biggest requirement for vitamin E is during the 1,000-day shed that begins at conception since vitamin E impacts early stages of brain and neurologic development that can happen only during this one specific period.

Because of this, it’s suggested to nursing mothers, pregnant women’s and children up until the age of 2 to take a natural, food-based supplement to make sure they are having enough to prevent abnormalities.

Evion supplements are always recommended to a pregnant woman, as they are pure and good for health.

4• Improves Vision

Most common cause of blindness is age-related Macular degeneration. Vitamin E helps in minimizing the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Here is a note for you guys, in order for vitamin E to be effective for vision, it should be consumed with an adequate amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc.

According to the researchers, one who takes high doses of vitamin E and vitamin A daily seems to improve healing and vision in people undergoing laser eye surgery at a high rate.

Vitamin E also helps in healing the people who are undergoing laser eye surgery.

5• Balances Cholesterol

Balance in Cholesterol = No to diabetes

Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance in the body, made by the liver and needed by the body for the proper functions of cell units and hormones.

Balance in cholesterol level results in healthy life, whereas when cholesterol oxidizes, it becomes very harmful. Increase in cholesterol level results in Diabetes- One of the most common disease.

Experts in their study find out that Vitamin E helps in anti-oxidization of  Cholesterol. The appropriate amount of Vitamin E helps in controlling cholesterol level and thus helps us in remaining healthy.

How much Vitamin E a Child should take?

National Institute of Health, NIH’s recommended dietary allowance (RDA) and its Adequate Intake (AI) for a child are as follow :

  • For Infants of 0-6 months, intake of 4 mg/day is adequate. (6 IU/day)
  • For Infants of 7-12 months, intake of 5 mg/day is adequate. (7.5 IU/day)
  • For children of 1-3 years, intake of 6 mg/day is adequate. (9 IU/day)
  • For children of 4-8 years, intake of 7 mg/day is adequate. (10.4 IU/day)
  • For children of 9-13 years, intake of 11 mg/day is adequate. (16.4 IU/day)

How much Vitamin E an Adult should take?

According to the NIH’s, the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for an adult is as follow:

  • for adults older than 14-years is 15 mg (or 22.4 IU).
  • pregnant women of any age should get 15 mg (or 22.4 IU).
  • breastfeeding women of any age should take 19 mg (or 28.4 IU).


My source of Vitamin E

If I talk about my source of Vitamin E, then it would be none other than Almond Milk and Evion Forte capsules. If you want to know my recipe to prepare Vitamin E rich Almond Milk, then don’t forget to read How to prepare Almond milk at Home.

Since my childhood, I was always asked to have a Glass of almond milk early morning. That time I was unaware of the benefits of Vitamin E, but now for me, it like a lollipop for a child.

A glass of Almond milk in morning is sufficient to start your day with full energy.

I can easily remember when I was in class 4th and skin got dark spots and became allergic to sunlight. I was very afraid of thinking that will I look the same for the whole life?

Then my family doctor said- “It’s all due to Lack of Vitamin E”. He suggested my Mom to gave me a regular dose of Evion supplements for some time.

And I can easily observe the results in just 2 weeks. Spots started losing their existence and soon I became free of them. That day Evion Supplements become Love for me. Even today, whenever my family members or my friends have some skin issue, I suggest them to have Evion Supplements as they carry miracle inside them.

If you want to know more about Evion, then why not you visit their site at .
Evion – India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand

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Live with 4 E’s- Energy, Empathy, Enthusiasm and 4th one is vitamin E…!!!

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