Golden Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans

The newspaper is the old offering, Resources is in trend.

Some people say Blogging is the mixture of art and Science. And if that’s true-  and I think it is, then there is no specific way to be successful in blogging.

Sometimes, you start a blog and you got confused on where you are going wrong. Here, we are offering you best of the blogging tips in order to boost your blog. Do remember, don’t make a newspaper, create a resource.

Blogging Tips

Stop being a copy-cat: Don’t try to be someone you love. Instead, offer what unique sweets you have.

Get unique ideas from your audience: Customers can tell you the best of what they want from you.

◘ Pick a theme: Rather than running over various topics, stick to one topic and grow the audience for that topic.

Always try to cook short sentences: Humans don’t love reading a long sentence. Always try to have the short and simple sentence in your content.

◘ Be consistent: To be a successful blogger, it is must to be consistent on your blog.

Be true and Generous: You have to be true to your audience. Indulging them in a false matter, giving them wrong information is never a good idea.

◘ Be informatory: Wite an in-depth post in order to provide the complete information to the user in one go. Do remember Content is King.

◘ Sharing is caring: Share your content as much as possible because that’s the thing which will drive traffic to your blog. Even the best of the content needs to be share.

Build your network: Grow your audience by building up your network. Stronger the network more will be the audience.

Don’t rush for the money: Beginners often ends their blogging career because their pocket is not getting hot. Everything takes its own time, so does blogging.

Give your headlines a yellow helmet: Catchy headlines is what mostly attracts the user. Try to have catchy headlines.

Build your backlinks: Backlinks is the backbone of blogging. More the backlinks, greater the success rate.

Have a simple web design: Simplicity has been admired for years. Google is the best example of it.

◘ Be color specific: Write your post in maximum 2-3 colors. Multi-coloured posts are always discouraged by the users.

Evaluate your Blog: Having an evaluation after a particular time interval gives you a chance to meet your mistakes. Always welcome your mistakes but not one mistake twice.

SEO is not GOD: Though SEO plays a vital role, but it’s not that you can’t rank without optimizing your blog. But if you know how to optimize, it will work as the spice on your tasteless dish.

Do remember “Write for yourself first“.
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