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Common iOS 11 Glitches and Troubleshooting

With the update of iOS 11 comes a variety of problems for its users as it is still flawless for many.  Minor Glitches and bugs make the system work slow and before making it more on the frustrating side. List of glitches never finishes but here are some listed to go through your handset and see if you face any.

1. Camera ? Change in Camera settings

Mostly users face a problem that when they close the default camera app their settings automatically get reset. So in order to fix it just go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and save them and it won’t happen again. When you preserve settings, all the features ranging from light effects, filters, live photos get saved as you have decided.

2. Connecting problem to WiFi

A problem arises that iPhone doesn’t allow its users to connect to even their personal WiFi network. To resolve this issue reset your Wi-Fi router settings or forget your network and rejoin it again or go for changing up the network settings.
To reset settings just go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings and then try to reconnect. This won’t erase any data regarding your phone, so no need to worry.

3. Apps won’t work or not show properly

When we transfer our data from our old phone to a newer one, we are surely going to transfer some of our older apps which won’t work properly. This problem is either because you haven’t updated the app or it has not yet been updated from the creator side. To make it compatible with ios 11 all you need is to update it as soon as possible.

4. Sudden filling up of your system space

This error appears due to temporary files created by some apps automatically. This space can be recovered either by clearing that space by deleting temporary files. If it is not possible the user need to revert their device to their older backup or version and then rechecking about the issue.

5. Slow Mo of Home button

Many users have complained about freezing up of their lock screen which opens up slowing after 5 to 10 seconds. This problem is happening after the updated iOS 11. Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting up for your phone to open up the screen. Due to update, users may see this issue for sometimes but if it lasts for more than a week than it will be the best option for restoring a backup until Apple fixes this issue.

6. Battery Life becomes poorer

With every new version of iOS, the complaint of impact related to poor battery conditioning also comes on. If your phone’s battery dies early then it uses to be even if you won’t spend much time playing or watching your favorites. There may be an issue that older apps may show a lag in playing in the iOS 11 version. Go in your Settings>Battery and always keep a check on which app is draining much of your phone’s battery and aren’t required and disable them from the list or update the apps to the latest versions. Turn off the use of GPS, Wi-FI or internet which is set by default in some apps when not in use. Keeping the brightness lower and refreshing the apps in the background will also help your phone in getting comfy.

7. Power button issue

Sometimes the power button of your phone isn’t responding whenever you need it to be. This issue arises when your update is gone wrong. Then you need to shut it down by going through the menus. Go to Settings>General and scrolling till you reach the bottom of the list, an option of “Shut Down” will appear in front of you to shut down the device off.

8. Control Center lacks what you want from it

Control Center is a way of handling most of your device whether it is connecting to Wifi or changing in between your songs. But still, many faces that the control center lacks some of these features won’t show it correctly. An easy fix for it is just to customize your control center as per your need. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.
Sometimes Control Center does not close Wifi or Bluetooth even trying too many times in that case you need to go to their main settings to switch them off.

9.Control Center pops up more frequently
As we all know Control Center is designed to be the handiest feature by Apple but still it becomes annoying when your Control Center pops up more frequently in between your apps or games. So in order to get it through just go to Settings > Control Center and disable the option which shows to access it in between apps.

10. Image formats became a new issue

iOS 11 comes with a newer format of images which is HEIC. What does it do? As everyone knows JPEG is a compressed image format but HEIC compresses your images much more than that. This format is still not supported by many of the devices so it becomes irritating when one cannot transfer images or won’t be able to see them in their gallery. As Apple knows this so they provide an option to stop the conversion of JPEG images to HEIC.

11. Apple pay is sluggish

Yes in this update the problem that people aren’t successful in sending any amount to their friends or family becomes a part of it. We hope Apple confirms proper functioning of this feature as soon as possible in the following updates.

12. Yes, you cannot use Animoji this time

This is unfortunate for everybody as no one can use this feature still plus there is no fix provided as per Apple. This awesomely insane feature allows you to send messages through animated emojis but still, this is only available on iPhone X. Hope so as said by Apple this feature is going to be available in updates further from November.

13. Siri voice change over

With this update, you may even notice a change in the voice of Siri. With more on a real-life person like from a less robotic version of Siri is also a much better improvement. A good thing to know that you can also change the voice from either option available choosing from a female one or rather going with another option of a male voice.

14. FaceTime calls capture

iOS 11 gives its user an option to allow capturing screenshots during having a conversation in FaceTime calls which is names as “FaceTime Live Photos’ by Apple. One can also disable this feature so that it won’t be possible to regularly FaceTime a person just by going through Settings > FaceTime and disabling the FaceTime Live Photos options their. Even after disabling it one can still take normal screenshots though.

15. Update won’t start

If your phone is compatible with this version of iOS then it won’t be a problem in updating it to iOS11 but still, it does take place then you can connect your phone to your computer and install the iOS 11 through iTunes.

16. The update didn’t go as it used to be or the phone won’t start even after updating.

If you have updated your phone but still you aren’t satisfied with it or feels some other issue like overheating or too much battery drainage or the worst case scenario the phone won’t startup. Then all you can do is to restore your phone back to the older version.Hope so before reverting back you have a copy of your backup.

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