Is your dog depressed? Find it out this way.

Is your best buddy suffering from depression?
Yes, just like humans dogs can also suffer from depression. Because even being an animal they too have emotions and just like every human being on this earth they also get impacted by emotional disbalance.
Depression usually comes from a part change in routine, moving to a new place which is not familiar to him or loss of their owner or companion with whom they are attached. It results in lack of energy or appetite or change in their body language. It is important for the owner to find out the behavior of their canine so that they can focus on how to help them overcome through that.


1. Finding out whether your dog is withdrawing himself from their activities.

As we all know dogs are high socializing creatures. But it’s a problem if your dog is not excited when you come home back from your work or when anyone arrives. If his/her energy is less, wagging tail and movement and running is less then it is a serious matter as they can be the sign of depression.
Instead of greeting new visitors, your dog hides from them and set aside usually shows sign of sickness or depression. Sometimes they are going to follow you throughout your home but aren’t going to react on any of your movement or does not show interest in any kind of playful activity.


2. They can become less active

Lack of interest in any kind of playful activity leads them to become more or less inactive. Every dog can run through miles happily or can play fetch till your hands give up to throw more ball for your little pet. But they won’t give up till they catch their last breath. However sometimes when your dog is depressed, one won’t go to pick up the ball you have just thrown. They may sit down or lie instantly in between the gameplay and doesn’t respond to your instructions which may indicate depression.


3.Watch the wandering around

If your little pup just wanders around all over the place but still doesn’t find a place to settle down quietly can be a reason for their depression. This generally is faced during dogs when they are introduced the first time when you bought them from the pet show to your home or when you move to a new place which is unfamiliar to them. They may take few days, but once they are familiar with the whole place they are going to be happy.

4. Change in sleeping patterns must be observed carefully

Who does like to sleep, a lot, so do dogs. They love to sleep a lot but even still if they are not tired and sleeps a lot in your presence. Then they are showing you the sign of boredom and wants you to cuddle them up and energize them.

5.Trick or Treat! No

Dogs generally love treats and their favorite food but if they refuse to their lovely favorite treat then it might be a serious issue. Sometimes overweight or weight loss can be observed. But instead of relating it to a depressing issue, it can also be a symptom of any kind of illness your pet is suffering. So it will be a good option to take him to a vet.

6. Watch out for aggressive and destructive behavior

When dogs are growing up in their earlier stage of life, they have a tendency of chewing things out but sometimes chewing or tearing up things like shoes, furniture or clothes with aggressive nature can be the sign. If he growls or shows aggressive behavior to you when you try to cuddle with him then also shows his depressive behavior


7.Watch for paw licking and dropped ears

Dogs usually lick their paws which shows that they are trying to get in a comfortable situation. Sometimes their ears can be dropped down when you are calling out for playing. Maybe by giving any kind of treatment which shows their uninterested nature.

8. Tail bent inwards in between their legs

Watch your dog, how he might carry his tail. If it is curved or bent in between his legs, showing their depressive nature. Sometimes it can also be used to represent that they have fear of something like usually when an unknown person comes at your home or you scold him when he chewed your favorite shoe.

9. Watch for dogs overall body behavior

If your dog is over shedding or having a sluggish body movement then they can be in a depressive mood. All they need you to is light them up.

Now what can you do to improve your dog’s overall behavior and mood

1. Take your pup to a vet and make sure he is not sick. Do remember sickness is not a symptom of depression.

2. Understand the cause of depression. Your sudden change in schedule makes you spend more time out of your house at your work. Is it a new baby or puppy which is capturing more of your attention that your dog wants to have, loss of a companion or moving to a new home.

3. Spend some time with your best buddy
Take him out for a walk, play fetch with him cuddle him up and cheer him up. Smile even when he tore up your favorite shoe and stop him just by saying no. Watch tv while sitting next to your friend and gently rubbing his back

4. Let him socialize, let him meet new people new dogs in around your neighborhood and parks.

5. Try not to sudden change your dogs routine. Keep it as simple as you can so that it let them feel secure and safe around the house.

6. Reward him for his positive behavior and cheer them to keep it up.

7. And last but not the least always keep in touch with someone who can tell you about the variations in your dog’s behavior and provides you proper advice.

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