Best Cloud Storage for Students

In today’s era of the digital world, cloud storage is one of the most useful tools for students. You not only get cloud storage for text files, videos, and tutorials but also You can access them anywhere, anytime on internet connected device. So let’s learn how to make use of these cloud services…

  1. Google Drive

    Google drive is one of the most popular storage services. Its free plan and collaboration tools are the center attractiveness of this service. One can upload 15GB of data on it without any cost. Prior 15GB one needs to pay as per the requirement. The specialty of this cloud service is that students can upload and save their photos, content, notes, drawing, recording, videos etc. In addition to this, it provides an additional feature of working on a group project. Android and IOS apps are also available for Google Drive.

  2. DropBox

    Students also use dropbox but it has certain limitations. Here you will get only 2GB of free storage. Though it’s bit unsatisfying, its main feature is that it carries the backup of each and every file. Unlike other cloud storage, to extend the storage you don’t have to pay. All you need to do is to follow some basic steps. For example, share dropbox with your friends, or by following certain companies on Twitter. You can also access it from anywhere like Google Drive. Android version of DropBox is already available in the play store.

  3. One Drive

    OneDrive was formerly known as Sky Drive. It helps students to arrange files in an organized manner and save them. OneDrive gives you the option for renaming, moving, copying, editing or deleting the files. Students can share their files in an organized manner and collaborate with their friends. It gives you 15Gb free storage. Here also you can work with the group on a project.

  4. ADrive

    ADrive also provides cloud storage. Its desktop app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Android app is also available for the same. If you have multiple videos, then this tool is for you only. For example, suppose you are editing some text on your laptop, and you shut it down after some time. You pursue it on your cell phone or tablet. Here you can’t share the link directly. You have to share it using email only. One of the most important features of ADrive is that it provides you free storage for 50GB. An exceptionally great storage. Its trial period is free for 60 days. In ADrive, you can protect your file by applying passwords too.

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