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Apps and Accessories for Mobile Photography

As technology in our smartphone is upgraded day by day, the increase in camera is also improved the way too much in few years. Today a high-end smartphone can click the same quality of picture one can capture through a DSLR.

This is the key reason that point and shoot cameras have become obsolete today.

Nowadays with an increase in numbers of photographers, their way of taking a picture is changing too.

Most of them are a way to happy in taking pictures through their smartphones apart from DSLR. But getting that perfect image one like to tweak the settings of an image which can range from brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows and all.

Smartphones like iPhones, Samsung S series and HTC 10 have provided a great photography option.

But to improve your overall image definition you need to play with your image. To do it one must need to have these top apps to get going on their journey.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe software is the leading in this category when it comes to pc editing but now they aren’t limited to computers only.

Lightroom was announced for Android which also supports RAW format for editing.

2. Snapseed by Google

Snapseed is an app available for both iOS and Android.

When it was released it became everyone’s favorite because of the editing option it will provide apart from it being freely available.

This app was the first one to provide RAW as an editing option. Basic options for tuning images are very good with a very simple interface for users.


Another app for but comes at a price as it contains in-app purchases for enhancing the provided list of features.

The best app in market which provides an option for perspective correction.

This app is available for both Android and iOS. This app is surely for one those who want to remove symmetrical distortions that camera lenses capture.

4. VSCO Cam

It a very easy to use app that helps in improving the aesthetic quality of your image. One can go through the community and see how the results can be improved at a huge level.

An excessive range of filters provided in this app makes it to wishlist this app for instant retouch.

5. Afterlight

This app is a paid app at a price point of $0.99. With its huge range of filters, frames, textures and adjustment tools this app surely going to take a place in this post.


Now we have talked about the best apps available to bring out the photographer in you but what about when it comes to accessories.

Just like a big camera holding guy, even a mobile photographers do need to have accessories to help them in getting that perfect shot in various situations. The range depends on what are you shooting.

Let’s discuss some of those key component which is going to be handy and your best companion at the time of the shooting.

1. Monoshot

Just like every DSLR guy needs to have a tripod stand to be as steady as one can while shooting an image.

In the same manner, a mobile photographer does need to have this most important piece of their backpack.

Tripod is a must to have accessory to provide you stability because you do not want to have your pictures to be blurred out.

2. Nomad Charge Key

It’s not a charger but actually, it is a charging cable or USB which is the best option for outdoor conditions. You don’t want to have your phone die out of battery. So that you can connect it to a charging point or power bank.

3. Moment lenses

The craze of mobile photography brings out an amazing device which is lenses set for mobile handsets.

There are many lens attachments available that can fit on your smartphone but moment lenses provide the best option in the market.

This is because of their better build and imaging quality. If this one is not available at your location than Olloclip is another good option that you can go for. This is currently available for iOS only.

4. Wireless LED Flash

As stated earlier in another post don’t ever think of using your inbuild phones flash because it will do not give the expected results.

Instead, go for external flash which can be easily connected to your smartphone and is easy to set up.

There are many LED flash options available in the market but iBlazr is the one considering all above the rest.

It is the best available wireless LED which provided you great results in low lighting conditions. Its native camera app works with both iOS and Android.

It also gives you the option of adjusting the color temperature and intensity.

5. Piconizer

When it comes to photography, the space in our smartphone is going to eat out very fast. At that time one can go for Piconizer by Maktar which is available for iOS devices only and act as a lightning connector. With this attached to a device, one doesn’t need to plug the phone into a personal system or use a WiFi connection to share them. Just like a drag and drop option can easily transfer all of your photos and videos to your system and provides the extra space you wished for.

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