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    Speed up your VPN

    We always want to maintain our own privacy. On the other hand, you also want to open every website to browse through but it does reduce your internet speed even if you use the best service.

    At some point, it does get hit and affects your internet speed. It is likely to slow you down because a VPN routes your traffic through another extra server which can be located at a far distance.

    Some VPN do provide a big issue when one register for a budget  VPN. As they have a huge number of users and overloaded servers in which no extra bandwidth is left for work. But my friend you don’t need to live in this state of your connection. We will provide you few ways to boost up your performance level of your VPN.

    Let’s see few of those steps you can apply to boost up your VPN connection:-

    1. Selecting an another Server

    When we connect to a random server we don’t know how far it is located and how much encryption and decryption it carries out. Many do say the nearest server does provide the best-needed performance. It depends on other conditions as well not only the locations of your selected server. Another factor is the traffic on one server.

    If you select a popular server location than it can be possible that even after having a huge traffic on that server still, you can manage to have a better speed. It might be possible you can have a better speed even from other locations as well.

    Do remember not to use “Quick Connect” button provided in your VPN software as they say to connect you to the best possible server. They end up being connected to a server which generally provides very bad results. As they can connect you to a test location server.

    The best thing you can do to test servers for your current location and other locations is not choosing the client showing high ping much often as it doesn’t mean it gives you better results. Try to ping for other locations as well with lower latencies. Try to find the best and the nearest one.

    2. Restarting up your system

    Sometimes we roam around the whole city to search for the solution of a problem. But the solution lies within our home. In the same way, it can be that the problem might lies on your own personal computer as well. Check out whether you have other apps which may be using your internet in background or devices connected to your broadband which might reduce the speed a bit. Close their connection and stop the background bandwidth churning apps. Close down your route once and your system as well. Then reconnect them together again which may significantly improve your speed.

    3. Switching up to Protocol

    Clients and servers are connected using a protocol which defines the connection between various devices and encryption used between them. Most of the server uses OpenVPN protocol to provide improved protection, security, speed, and performance. These OpenVPN’s must be your first choice for connection but they might be sometimes be restricted.

    You can go for other alternative options available if this option is not available for you. The second best option you can go for L2TP/IPSec and third can be 256-bit encryption which can be a safe option for you available for security issues.

    Microsoft develops a highly secured protocol named SSTP which is closer to OpenVPN security which you can opt for from client side.
    Another simple choice can be PPTP. But it is a very insecure option to go about making it vulnerable to hackers.
    You can go for this protocol for simple tasks like watching videos on Youtube. But do not even think of using it for tasks like online banking and shopping which requires a good amount of privacy and security.

    4. Tweak some of your Protocol Settings

    It happens sometimes that the set of protocols selected by you doesn’t give you enough good results than you can go for tweaking up some of those settings. Generally speaking, OpenVPN used any of the two protocols which are TCP and UDP. UDP protocol is the simplest once you can go for which will provide you a better performance. On the other hand, TCP is helpful in providing you the better reliability of a network as it provides better error correction than UDP. Go for anyone out of these two as per your choices.

    On a default basis, OpenVPN connects using port 1194 which works efficiently without any problem. But at times, if your performance is reduced as some networks might block this port than you can switch to port 443. This is the default port for HTTPS which does provide great reliability.

    Some VPN does provide their own protocols which are on a hard side as they add more layers of encryptions even on the default OpenVPN 256-encryption which does reduce some of the performance. But for secure connections, they can provide a huge difference for many of the users.

    5. Using a wired connection

    In the age of going wireless, an option for WiFi which most of us find more convincing are still face the issue of speed variability especially when two or more WiFi’s are connected to the same channel. Then the best option you can go is the old school wired connection. They will surely go to provide you better consistency and bandwidth. They do also have higher numbers for maximum speed and performance too.

    6. Go for Split Tunneling

    As a default, most of the VPN’s uses encrypted tunnels to send their network traffic so that no chance of identity theft or leaks take place but it does drain most of the bandwidth of your VPN. So if you want to use your network just let say for video browsing then why does one need to have all their data go through this network tunnel.

    Using Split tunneling will give you more control over your VPN tunneling. It is a great tool for visiting a blocked site as well and allow you to visit the site as you did on a regular connection.

    If you like to have this functionality check whether your VPN support of split tunneling. Examples of such VPN’s which allow this feature are ibVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN and many others.

    7. Change your client my friend or last but not least change your VPN device

    Choose one of the best VPN clients instead of your own to get a better and quicker result. You can go for OpenVPN which is the best option in the market. Other than from it go for ExpressVPN or PureVPN.

    There is one another open source client VPN named SoftEther is also available which does provide loads of options to configure but requires technical knowledge.

    At the last, you can go for another device if there is no problem in your VPN currently. But if it is then going to another VPN is a good option. Look out for the VPN services in your region and compare them what is better in which service provider.

    Go for a good in-depth research as per your need for the availability and try them out for some time.

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    Whatsapp Business App is Here


    As we all know Whatsapp is the world’s biggest messaging app. But this time they do care for some serious “business”, your business. Yes, you heard it right, they also do care for providing you a great business solution as well.

    The world’s targeting messaging app has brought a great solution to take your business to the next level.

    Whatsapp has over 1.2 billion active users globally out of which around 250+ million users are from India itself.

    Recently Whatsapp Matt Idema ( Cheif Operating Officer ) told about their upcoming launch which is going to be future business ready. He told about their newly launched Whatsapp Business App. It’s already marketed in United States, UK, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy and now in India. They have provided a great tool for users to take their business to next level with loads of new features added to it.

    The app is currently available for Android users on Play store. We are looking forward when the iOs version app will be launched in the market, yes iOS user has to wait for a bit.

    Whatsapp Business is going to be a different service provided by the company so you don’t need to compare it with the regular WhatsApp messenger. It is built keeping in mind the whole new set of targeted customers.

    Yes, it also means that you need to provide a completely new dedicated phone number for using this app as you cannot access it using your regular one. It does act like a problem for some user but provides a better verification of your business. Having a dedicated number does also proves a positive note for privacy for your regular WhatsApp number.

    If you want to continue with only keeping one number in hand then surely you can move the existing number on Whatsapp Business. But remember it does provide you a warning that once you move your number to this account, it cannot be shared with associated another service.

    So let us provide an introduction to the features of this app. We all know the rise of e-commerce, we all love to shop online whether buying clothing and appeals, stationary, automotive parts, accessories or even food items.

    Keeping this as the primary choice Whatsapp decided to improve their users business experience. Improving the functionality and feasibility to its customers to connect their customer with their business and respond fastly over messaging improving the focus on the individual customer.

    It will be a great option for small businesses and SME’s to expand their region of customers and connect them individually. It will act as a convenient way in order to their need which will surely be going to help their business flourish.

    Let see how:-

    1. Setting up of your Business profile

    This will help you in setting up useful information about your business such as providing a business description to your customers with your email, store address, number, and website.

    2. It will obviously act as a messaging tool

    Messaging on this app is not going to be like regular WhatsApp as it will provide you with some smart feature to improve your conversation with your customers. Note these feature which is going to be time-saving in response to you a well.It includes

    Quick Replies which will allow you to response fastly for your customers frequently asked questions.
    Greeting Messages which will let you customers getting an introduction to your business.
    Away Messages which will notify your customers in case you are busy.

    3. Know your Statistics

    Basic math is necessary for business and so does comes the role of statistics. Don’t worry its not about the statistics we don’t prefer to do in our schools. This will notify you how everything is working just by showing you simple metrics and numbers. SO yes it will be a better choice to focus on this one to improve on regular basis

    4. Whatsapp Web for your business too

    When you are working on your business it might get irritating sometimes when you need to continuously shift your focus to your phone looking at all the message you are going to receive. For this issue, it does have a solution too.

    Yes, this app does have a desktop version which will prove great as you don’t need to pick up your phone continuously while working. Just open up a tab in your browser and stay connected.

    5. New Account type

    Once your phone number is verified your account will be listed as a business account which is going to help your customers to identify that they are having a conversation with a business.

    This app surely going to turn a lot of heads in the business industry. You are allowed to use your regular WhatsApp account as well as they will not force you to move your account or close that account once you register in this app. Your regular account will have the regular chat features you will be using just like older times.

    Today many do use their regular WhatsApp account to connect with their customers. This app is going to help them and at the same time will sort out all the issues you had while using a regular account. So download it now from the given below link and happy business.


    Don’t forget to read Top 10 Apps in 2018.

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    When the doctor said- “It’s all due to Lack of Vitamin E”

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant qualities that make your immune system strong. It generally occurs naturally in a wide variety and range of foods and is even also added to certain food products to help you increase your intake.

    Vitamin E has always been a key for good Eyesight, healthy skin and Strong immunity power.

    Now you must be thinking that can we get Vitamin E naturally from foods?

    Well, you must be surprised by knowing that most of the people get sufficient Vitamin E from food.
    Some of the best sources of vitamin E include:

    ◘ Vegetable Oil
    ◘ Eggs
    ◘ Mango
    ◘ Nuts, Avocados
    ◘ Green leafy vegetables, like spinach
    ◘ Fortified cereals and other foods
    ◘ Kiwi
    ◘ Apricot and Green Olives
    ◘ Pine Nuts

    Else, one can use Evion supplement – India’s No.1 Vitamin E brand.

    Are you suffering from Vitamin E deficiency?

    This might be possible that you are suffering from Vitamin E deficiency.

    Now the sure shot question is What are the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency?

    ○ The decrement in levels of vitamin E can cause a lot of digestive system problems, which will result in poor absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Resulting which there would be diseases related to pancreas, liver, gallbladder etc.

    ○ If you are suffering from chronic Diarrhea and going through greasy stools, then yes you can be Vitamin E deficient.

    ○ Dry skin

    ○ Vision problem is one of the common symptoms of it.

    ○ Dry and loss of hair.

    ○ Muscular weakness in women’s.

    Vitamin E deficiency is generally because of low birth weight.


    1• Helps in Balancing Hormones: 

    Vitamin E plays a vital role in balancing your nervous system and endocrine gland, easiest and natural way to balance your hormones.

    Now, how to know about the hormonal disbalance? or, What can be the symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

    Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance include sudden weight gain, Premenstrual Syndrome, allergies, urinary tract infections, spots on skin, anxiety, and fatigue. By keeping hormones in balance, it will become easy to maintain a healthy living, healthy weight, helps in keeping a regular menstrual cycle and you will find yourself feeling more energetic.

    2• Helps PMS Symptoms 

    Do you know Vitamin E helps in reducing the pain and its duration during the menstrual period? Also, it reduces menstrual blood loss.

    Intake of vitamin E supplement 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after a menstrual period can reduce the anxiety, cramping, and cravings and other PMS symptoms. It does this by balancing one’s hormones naturally, and it helps in keeping menstrual cycle regulated. 

    3• If in Pregnancy, then it is must for Proper Growth and Development:

    Vitamin E is one of the essential components during pregnancy. It is also required for proper development in infants and children.

    It helps in protecting from critical fatty acids and helps in controlling inflammation.

    Experts found that the biggest requirement for vitamin E is during the 1,000-day shed that begins at conception since vitamin E impacts early stages of brain and neurologic development that can happen only during this one specific period.

    Because of this, it’s suggested to nursing mothers, pregnant women’s and children up until the age of 2 to take a natural, food-based supplement to make sure they are having enough to prevent abnormalities.

    Evion supplements are always recommended to a pregnant woman, as they are pure and good for health.

    4• Improves Vision

    Most common cause of blindness is age-related Macular degeneration. Vitamin E helps in minimizing the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

    Here is a note for you guys, in order for vitamin E to be effective for vision, it should be consumed with an adequate amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc.

    According to the researchers, one who takes high doses of vitamin E and vitamin A daily seems to improve healing and vision in people undergoing laser eye surgery at a high rate.

    Vitamin E also helps in healing the people who are undergoing laser eye surgery.

    5• Balances Cholesterol

    Balance in Cholesterol = No to diabetes

    Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance in the body, made by the liver and needed by the body for the proper functions of cell units and hormones.

    Balance in cholesterol level results in healthy life, whereas when cholesterol oxidizes, it becomes very harmful. Increase in cholesterol level results in Diabetes- One of the most common disease.

    Experts in their study find out that Vitamin E helps in anti-oxidization of  Cholesterol. The appropriate amount of Vitamin E helps in controlling cholesterol level and thus helps us in remaining healthy.

    How much Vitamin E a Child should take?

    National Institute of Health, NIH’s recommended dietary allowance (RDA) and its Adequate Intake (AI) for a child are as follow :

    • For Infants of 0-6 months, intake of 4 mg/day is adequate. (6 IU/day)
    • For Infants of 7-12 months, intake of 5 mg/day is adequate. (7.5 IU/day)
    • For children of 1-3 years, intake of 6 mg/day is adequate. (9 IU/day)
    • For children of 4-8 years, intake of 7 mg/day is adequate. (10.4 IU/day)
    • For children of 9-13 years, intake of 11 mg/day is adequate. (16.4 IU/day)

    How much Vitamin E an Adult should take?

    According to the NIH’s, the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for an adult is as follow:

    • for adults older than 14-years is 15 mg (or 22.4 IU).
    • pregnant women of any age should get 15 mg (or 22.4 IU).
    • breastfeeding women of any age should take 19 mg (or 28.4 IU).


    My source of Vitamin E

    If I talk about my source of Vitamin E, then it would be none other than Almond Milk and Evion Forte capsules. If you want to know my recipe to prepare Vitamin E rich Almond Milk, then don’t forget to read How to prepare Almond milk at Home.

    Since my childhood, I was always asked to have a Glass of almond milk early morning. That time I was unaware of the benefits of Vitamin E, but now for me, it like a lollipop for a child.

    A glass of Almond milk in morning is sufficient to start your day with full energy.

    I can easily remember when I was in class 4th and skin got dark spots and became allergic to sunlight. I was very afraid of thinking that will I look the same for the whole life?

    Then my family doctor said- “It’s all due to Lack of Vitamin E”. He suggested my Mom to gave me a regular dose of Evion supplements for some time.

    And I can easily observe the results in just 2 weeks. Spots started losing their existence and soon I became free of them. That day Evion Supplements become Love for me. Even today, whenever my family members or my friends have some skin issue, I suggest them to have Evion Supplements as they carry miracle inside them.

    If you want to know more about Evion, then why not you visit their site at http://www.evion.co.in/ .
    Evion – India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand

    #evion #EvionForteCapsule #indiblogger

    Live with 4 E’s- Energy, Empathy, Enthusiasm and 4th one is vitamin E…!!!


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    Why 9 out of every 10 startup fails?

    Failures in Startup

    When it comes to startups, they will always set a 5-year benchmark to see whether their startup is going to be the next big thing or not.

    But almost 90% of them won’t even exist before their reach their 5-year mark.

    We always have listened and stories of big startups like Flipkart and Uber but these were few of those names which are performing at their best. Many of these startups have failed because of many reasons, it can be either demanding too much growth in short time, weak cash flow, a nonworking business plan, noneffective tactics any much more.

    Doesn’t matter how much you have researched and gone through your collected data about how to start a great startup, it will going to fail because no two companies are going to work in the same way.

    Let see some of those few points which we won’t focus on properly which are surely going to affect the company in one way or the other:-

    1. Not making an effective business plan

    A common phrase when we start to build a successful idea is ” we are surely going to have a million users and make millions “, but is this going to happen the right way. Probably not!

    The world watched companies like Facebook and Whatsapp making millions of users and raise their community so much big and strong, every company demands. For every work no matter what it is, having a user base is the most priority task one need to accomplish.

    But have you asked yourself, “Did I have the business plan to make a huge base of users.”. No, you weren’t.

    Before deciding to hit the jackpot you need to have a great business plan which I effective enough to let your dream come true. Even when from the “I have an idea” phase you need to build up a strong business idea in which you need to carry out details like revenue model, break-even analysis, market researchers, management, a point of failures their alternatives and other related things.

    So keep in mind ” Always have a ready business plan”.

    2. Scaling Too Early

    Most of the startup fails because they don’t know when to take a step for their company. This is also called as premature scaling in technical terms.

    What does this term actually means?

    For your let’s take an example – you need to buy a new smartphone under a budget of $200 in order to save some of your money, but you just saw an ad of an upcoming new phone and bought it. It cost you $250 which in order increased your expense.

    Same goes in the case of startup when a company increases its expenses than the value they can afford to lose. Which in turn decreases the companies potential to make it work out for the next time in the manner it has been planned and finally loses way down on their journey.

    The basic need to manage all the expenses and needs is to set a good budget. Unless you don’t have an unlimited supply of resources, having a proper budget is surely going to save that extra penny which might play the best part at the time.

    Try to set a budget on a lower scale value and always keep aside some value which can be helpful if needed for this value. The need value can be a percentage of your actual value and focus not exceeding it.

    3. Be the correct “Sales” person

    Just as everyone in this world says ” every CEO is the best Salesman as well“.

    The most important skill in every entrepreneur lies the way they know how to sell their product which in turn will generate revenue. It also helps them in presenting and selling their ideas to VC’s and other funding firms.

    If you know how to sell, you will generate a better revenue and only then you can scale up your idea, so it is necessary to have that “selling mindset” in you. Yes, it takes time for any to learn this art but some are born with it like the famous Steve Jobs.

    The best way is to view these great leaders and learn their ways and tactics, how they work around.

    4. Its All about Timing

    Luck does play a part but you cannot every time blame it on luck for the failure of your startup. Yes, it can be your timing of presenting your idea in the market.

    Timing plays the most important part of everything in our life and it does too here. Let’s talk about the greatness of all now, Youtube and Facebook, these two placed their steps at the right timing.

    Youtube was born at time perfect timing when computers do handle functionality of playing videos.

    Before Facebook, we do have MySpace but it took the market because of its timing too, when everyone wants to socialize and expand their circle not just to a limited area only. Plan for that perfect timing which will play the most important part in launching your startup.

    5. Did you keep a check on your Funds too

    Before starting a new company the owner always needs to plan their current funds and the amount needed in case of an emergency too. Lack of funds at the early stage of funding creates the chances of failing for a company.

    Every penny spends must generate the right amount of revenue, with time mindset one can make its company work in critical conditions as well.

    Try to keep up your burn rates as low as possible and keep in mind that it must generate revenue from its first day of launch.

    6. Having a proper Team

    Now the phrase ” I am going to have a startup of my own” is most common of all but before having even an idea did you focused on the most important part of your company.

    Yes, the Team which is going to make it happen. Not just an idea but a proper team will help you to reach your goal. Everybody Wants to have a million dollar generating company but what about the crew?

    You need to ask questions, Am I having a person who I good in management? Does a person among us have good product development skills, negotiating skills or selling skills? Do we are aware of how the market works? and much more.

    Having a bunch of people properly looking at each step from the early stage to its final stage of a product is a must to keep an eye on every detail.

    As Founders are going to be the most important person in a company do you have or your partners have that passion to make it work right?

    Divide your whole management and decide whether a person for a particular task is enough better as expected or not? If not always have an alternative for it ready.


    Given are the most important and basic points which when not understood properly will affect you in one way or the other. It will all depend on your decision regarding these points effectively placed in working your idea and keeps it going.——

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    Top 10 Android apps in 2018


    Google play store the biggest Android market in the world having more than 3.5 million apps for each of your handsets. It can be a low-end model or a flagship premium.
    3.5 million !! that lots of application when it comes outfitting the best in that limited space of your mobile.
    For every Android user, the saying goes as ” don’t worry there is an app ” because they know where to scroll when needed.

    But did it also frustrates you browsing through those millions of application but still won’t get the right one to fit your task? Don’t worry we will help you in finding you the best Android apps.

    The best part is that you won’t need to spend a time on them.

    So let’s go through the list, shall we:-

    1. Grammarly keyboard

    It makes the first on the list.
    Let us tell you.

    What if a single keyboard allows you to do more than just typing stuff you want to. Yes, Grammarly keyboard comes with a load of feature which is going to be most handy for you. It does consist of a paid version but the freemium version is enough for daily users. It allows you not to misspell words and let you make your writing better.

    On the other side, it also allows the user to check their grammar mistakes and correct them on the go. This app plays the best part for hobbyists, job appliers, students, bloggers, and writers.

    For this app one must require an internet connection as it scans your writing. It also provides you suggestions to correct your spelling mistakes and improve your sentences.
    In the premium version, it does more than analyzing your writing and suggesting you improvements.

    2. CM Locker

    Want to customize your Android device, this app will help you right around the corner. CM Locker allows to replace your lock screen with a customized one and contains a selfie feature.

    What this selfie feature do that if someone tries to intrude your privacy, this will capture their picture using a front-facing camera.

    Take it like this, you handed your phone to someone you don’t want goes through your data. Once they try to unlock the device, after trying three four patterns the app automatically clicks an image and stores it later for you.

    But CM Locker is more than an app which has the anti-theft feature. It also allowed you to customize your lock screen with background wallpapers and showing you the news headlines on the go.

    Another cool feature is to show you weather forecasting, music player, and notification display.

    3. IFTTT

    IFTTT ( If This Than That ) is one of the most rapidly increasing app nowadays because of its loads of features. It features to allow you automate different tasks and events.

    For example, you need to post your data on your blog or want to send someone message about any particular event you are gonna do or placing a copy of your images from your phone to google drive or Dropbox.

    You can also create spreadsheet automated for your data to feed in it.

    All you need is to create an “applet” in the app on your device which automates your various tasks and processes and notify you time to time.

    4. ASUS File manager / ES File Manager

    With day by day increasing of storage in our devices it becomes a hectic task to manage all the load of chunky folders on your device.

    These file managing apps provide you open ability to manage and access your data from one place only without making it a tedious task. The feature of organizing data with this much simplicity plays the part in differentiating Android from iOS.

    These apps are must for everyone’s smartphone. ES File Manager is the best file manager from all but Asus File Manager also sets some standard features which differentiate it from the two.

    Asus will be considered as the second best option apart from ES File manager fitted with easy user interface experience. When you can figure it out from where to get that extra space out for that another photograph or application.

    5. Google Duo

    Apple’s once best feature, which is well played by Apple in keeping you stuck in your iPhones is its FaceTime feature but what if you aren’t a big fan of iPhones.

    Well, Android also do serve this feature on your plates with Google Duo. Yes, you heard it right Google Duo is similar to FaceTime for Android users. What it does is providing you the crispiest experience you desired for.

    We bet you have questions regarding that Android do use to have many such apps like Skype.

    But what is good about Google Duo is lies in its simplicity of how better quality video call you can do with it without interruptions. And without even setting an account with a lengthy process which by the way failed Skype to keep its audience stick with them.

    Talking about simplicity is all you need is to tap a contact to place a call.

    6. ToDoist / Google Keep

    Well, the days of carrying a notepad with ourselves at everyplace to jot down crucial points we need to do in order to remember things are over.

    In today’s generation everyone carries a smartphone and what come within them are apps like ToDoist and Google Keep which help you note down all the key points and things you need to do whether it is making the list of grocery items you are gonna buy from the nearest shopping mart or things your boss has given you a task to be completed by the end of the day. These freemium apps will help you note the best of you want to.

    Tracking up all your list and scheduling them according to the right time are the basic features. And these apps will provide you these features.

    ToDoist provides many other options than Google Keep like tracking up multiple complicated files and subdividing that to-do list.

    Assigning a particular task to a particular person and sending reminders by mails when the task is due.

    Google Keep is enough for basic needs as it comes with a feature like recording a voice memo as well which can be handy too, but for that extra options, you are getting one can prefer to go with ToDoist.

    These apps come with a cross-platform feature which means does matter on which device you use them, just provide the task and they will handle it the way it uses to be.

    Since Google Keep is free it does comes with standard features, so one can opt for ToDoist which comes with both free and premium subscription.

    The free version which is perfect for almost everyone allows you to have 80 active tasks and 5 people can be assigned to each task.

    On the other hand, the premium feature is at $28.99/yr gives to location-based notification like features.

    What it does that it will send you a pop-up notification about something you want to buy like veggie from a local grocery store, whenever you cross a nearby store related to that thing.

    7. Call Recorder and True Caller

    We do have a person in our family, friends or an office employee, who does change a lot of phone numbers. A frustrating member.


    Doesn’t matter whether they are doing just for fun or for some actual use of a new number. Sometimes it does become annoying.

    Now, what you can go for apps like Call Recorder (ACR – Another Call Recorder) and True Caller which helps you in recording that call or see who is the person calling you with that number.

    For those who are in the professions like reporters, interviews or a business person are necessarily going to have these apps to record calls and know the personal contact details on regular basis because of their never-ending list of contact history.

    ACR provides its user feature of password protection for their recorded calls with different formats and classifying whom to record or not. It does have a premium feature which let you store data in cloud storage as well.

    8. Velociraptor

    Google Maps, the most widely use an app for getting directions but it too has a good alternative too.

    Yes, Velociraptor is a great app for not only finding up the directions but also shows you various other options as well.

    It uses OpenStreetMap, a crowdfunded version of Google Maps to collect speed limit of various location near your surroundings so that you can save your self and make sure you won’t get pulled over by police.

    But we all are born to break rules and drive the limits, don’t we? In that case, you can also set the desired tolerance level which alerts you whenever you tries to cross that barrier.

    9. Newton Mail

    We all do have a common account on Gmail and is used currently for everything out theirs. Bit newton mail is now one of the fastest and best alternatives to Gmail.

    It is one of the best and most powerful apps in the market now because of its support of various other plugins which will help you improve your productivity in an instant.

    Apps like ToDoist, Evernote, Trello, Zendesk and much more, all of them are supported by Newton Mail whose seamless integration allows you to speed up your work very efficiently and smoothly

    10. PicsArt Photo Editor / Adobe Lightroom / Google Snapseed

    Photography is what nowadays everybody loves, whether they know how to hold a camera or not. With the craziness of shooting everything, a user sees in front of him the increase in smartphones with DSLR functionality has increased at a rapid rate.

    But apart from just clicking up an image, every image needs to be retouched a bit to bring the best out of it. These three photography apps will help you in bringing out the best of them.

    With a large variety of features, these apps will provide you to transform your image into a masterpiece no one can imagine.

    Each app provides you setting up of a variable element. Like Pics Art will provide you various of editing themes, borders, emojis, effects to provide on your photos.

    On the other hand, Adobe Lightroom and Google Snapseed will help you in giving your image that professional touch. Such as edit lighting, exposure, color contrast, brightness, shadows and much more.

    With a premium flagship camera phone, you are surely going to need these apps so download them right now.

    Note: Do read Apps and Accessories for Mobile Photography”

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    5 Underrated Android Games You should play in 2018

    Android games

    Hey Guys! You might have seen many posts on different sites on the internet telling you to play these many awesome Android games., but to tell you truth in these lists only Top publisher games are found .. which can be Asphalt 8, Monument Valley, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Ludo King, 8 pool etc..


    But what about the rest of the Play Store?

    According to Google in 2012

    At present it has over 600,000 apps and games in Google Play, almost as many as Apple, which has over 650,000 apps in the App Store. But Google did not reveal how many of those apps have been optimized for tablet use – Apple has over 225,000 apps customized for the iPad.


    Sure there are a lot of other developers that have made pretty awesome games are not yet so much popular or are not able to become the star of the Playstore Top list.


    So here we are Presenting the 5 underrated Games of Android.


    1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


    Mobile Legends Bang Bang
    Mobile Legends Bang Bang


    If you are a DOTA fan or want to start DOTA but on a mobile device then this is the perfect game for you.I have personally downloaded this game and still play it.



    1. 5 v 5 Battle.
    2. Simple controls.
    3. 10-second matchmaking and 10+ minutes of each match duration.
    4. More than 50 heroes to play from.
    5. Fair fights, every fight starts with level 1 hero each time.


    It’s quite an addicting game.


    1. One fight can go over 20 minutes or more so.
    2. More memory eater of the phone.
    3. Very much addictive.


    2.Adventure Capitalist

    Build your own empire
    Build your own empire


    Do you don’t want to scratch your heads? do you want some stress relieving game? this is it.

    What the game developer has to say about it?

    Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Being the master of your own destiny?  Forming your own multi-national conglomerate to create a world-wide, monopolistic economy? Then AdVenture Capitalist is the game for YOU!

    Begin your quest for world domination by clicking on the Lemonade Stand progress bar. Keep clicking until you can afford to pay for more squeezers! Now you’ve got the hang of it.

    Hire employees, purchase cutting edge upgrades, dominate the market, and attract eager Angel Investors to boost your profits! The only way to go is UP UP UP!


    I downloaded this game 1 week ago and believe me this is much more addictive then Mobile legends, it’s not time-consuming.. once you own big assets in the game you are more attracted towards the game to make more virtual money and to invest in more virtual places and to grow your empire.



    1. No waiting to play.. you can play anytime you want (unlike clash of clans.. u wait for the troops  getting ready)
    2. small in size
    3. you get to know how to manage money.


    • Virtual currency is needed in order to get any place in leaderboards.. you have to purchase Mars stage through the virtual currency of 200 which is like premium cash in the game.


    3. Best Fiends

    Best Fiends
    Best Fiends


    Any candy crush fans out there? well, this game is like that only.. but its more interesting as it has many bugs or animated characters which have different powers through which you clear stages.It has a storyline too. I am not a fan of matching games like candy crush but yes I have played this game and I liked it more than the candy crush saga


    • Long story Line.
    • Good graphics
    • Regular updates.


    • Repetitive.
    • somewhat copy of Candy Crush.
    • Never ending.. you can’t say that you completed the game and thus you can delete it.



    4.Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

    Rodeo Stampede
    Rodeo Stampede


    Okay so this is another type of endless runner game but in this, we are trying to capture exotic animals in the wildlife unlike clueless running just like we do in subway surfers or Temple Run.

    There are currently more than 40 locations in which you can capture animals for your Zoo and earn coins to get more upgrades in the game. This game is too unique.

    What are the Publisher’s view about this game?


    Ride through the wild stampede on the backs of buffalo, elephants, and all types of exotic animals
    Dodge and avoid obstacles in your chase for high scores
    Catch and befriend animals of all shapes and sizes to show off in your Sky Zoo
    Collect a wide variety of hats for your character to wear
    Invite visitors to come admire your collection
    Expand and Manage your zoo to earn huge rewards from visitors
    Wild Endless Runner Adventure



    • Unique concept.
    • Awesome graphics
    • plenty of stages to keep you engage.
    • Small in size to download.
    • Regular updates such as on Christmas and on all big events.


    • A lot of time required to find your new unique animal in the wild.
    • may run slow on older devices.
    • It includes the game time too. (like clash of clans)



    If you are a temple Run fan or like endless runner games than this game are the best to play!


    5. Reaper




    If you like a game with neat controls and graphics this is the game to go for.Its a very good RPG action game in which you are a player with the sword and you have to kill upcoming enemies (just like Shadow Fight). But here you can fully see the player’s sprite and it’s not black and white.


    The Game Description


    ★ Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters!
    ★ Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness
    ★ Level up your suit with skills of your choice
    ★ Hundreds of swords, armor and accessories to equip
    ★ Play all sides and make your own decisions



    1. Cloud Save
    2. Support for HID Game Controllers
    3. Can be Played on NVIDIA SHIELD.
    4. Beautiful Graphics.


    • Lacks much action.
    • Kind of repetitive at some point in time.
    • No blocking of attacks currently in the game. (at the time of writing).

    So, guys, this was the list of the games which you should play in 2018 once apart from all the BIG name games. All the games mentioned above in the list are free to download. I hope you find your new favorite game from above 🙂


    For more tech news and latest updates Do Like our Facebook Page and Subscribe To our website so that as soon as we post new latest news on any tech you are the first one to read it! 😀


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    Top 5 PC optimization software

    Top 5 PC optimization software

    Optimizing PC using appropriate PC optimization software is a must thing these days.

    I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

    It’s NOT AN EASY TASK to work with your laptop without any speed or hanging issue.

    Well, it can be resolved by using few PC optimization software which can make your system to work highly smoothly…

    And in today’s post, I am going to tell you some best software’s through which you can make your PC dance like Michael Jackson.


    By the end of 2017, we definitely need to improve our pc slow-mo speed. For sure your pc often works on the slow side. We often forget to optimize our pc times to improve its basic conditioning to meet the system requirements for various apps and software instead of adding that extra piece of RAM or any other software.

    There are inbuilt windows maintenance apps which still does the same thing but are time-consuming. One can opt for these simpler and faster solutions at your own better convenience.

    1. Iolo System Mechanic

    The list first app is Iolo System Mechanic app which does all your important tasks whether it be

    • Removing junk files and unnecessary apps,

    • Blocking unwanted auto-run apps,

    • Free the extra need of RAM, and

    • It also wipes out the browsers history and cache files.

    This software does make the difference that is needed for our system and you will surely go to find out the significant improvement too. The free edition is excellent but for those who can pay for that extra can go for the premium version for just $40.

    2. CCleaner by Piriform

    Then next best performance improver in surely going to be Ccleaner, the worlds best choice for remove that extra junk from your system.Brinkker

    The free version covers up all the important aspects of cleaning up of cache file and cookies and removing up of temporary files.

    You can also add the extras like scheduled cleaning and real-time protection as a premium feature as well.

    For those sluggish pics, this is a must free app to be pinned on your taskbar.

    3. IObit Advanced System Care

    Another best app in the category of optimization is IObit Advanced System Care which is available in 2 versions.

    First one is a free version. And second is the pro version with paid features which you can go for in around $20. The paid version does add up some crucial features like internet boost up, privacy protection, real-time optimization, registry cleaning and an all-time technical support.

    The best part of this tool is its simple interface design which makes it stand out from others.

    4. PC Decrapifier

    For all those who just bought a new pc, you are surely going to need this one. This PC optimization tool is particularly for the brand new PC’s, and for those who are excited to run loads of new apps and programs.

    It works in a way that it removes all your redundant data and useless junk from your system whenever you try to add a new software to your system.

    This free app is worth trying as it analyses your system and shows you the apps which you can get rid of your computer.
    It was developed pc cleaning in mind so much that it does not even install on its own.

    5. Razer Cortex Game Booster

    Are you a Gamer?
    If your answer is yes, then this is for you only.

    For the gamer in you, it is developed for improving systems performance to handle those heavy running processes.

    This can be your answer to struggle, whenever you are trying a new game on your system. This software is available free for its users and to get the best out for your gaming performance.

    It cleans out the unnecessary system processes and defragmenting your system to add up the performance needed.

    The result isn’t too much that will make you jump out of your seats but still, even smaller results are going to make a bigger difference.
    “Smaller steps results in great one”.

    Note: Do you know it’s you who screw your system. Well, in order to restrict yourself from doing so we are here for you to guide on How to stop yourself from screwing up your system/PC

    Stay tuned…!!!

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    Golden Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans

    Blogging tips

    The newspaper is the old offering, Resources is in trend.

    Some people say Blogging is the mixture of art and Science. And if that’s true-  and I think it is, then there is no specific way to be successful in blogging.

    Sometimes, you start a blog and you got confused on where you are going wrong. Here, we are offering you best of the blogging tips in order to boost your blog. Do remember, don’t make a newspaper, create a resource.

    Blogging Tips

    Stop being a copy-cat: Don’t try to be someone you love. Instead, offer what unique sweets you have.

    Get unique ideas from your audience: Customers can tell you the best of what they want from you.

    ◘ Pick a theme: Rather than running over various topics, stick to one topic and grow the audience for that topic.

    Always try to cook short sentences: Humans don’t love reading a long sentence. Always try to have the short and simple sentence in your content.

    ◘ Be consistent: To be a successful blogger, it is must to be consistent on your blog.

    Be true and Generous: You have to be true to your audience. Indulging them in a false matter, giving them wrong information is never a good idea.

    ◘ Be informatory: Wite an in-depth post in order to provide the complete information to the user in one go. Do remember Content is King.

    ◘ Sharing is caring: Share your content as much as possible because that’s the thing which will drive traffic to your blog. Even the best of the content needs to be share.

    Build your network: Grow your audience by building up your network. Stronger the network more will be the audience.

    Don’t rush for the money: Beginners often ends their blogging career because their pocket is not getting hot. Everything takes its own time, so does blogging.

    Give your headlines a yellow helmet: Catchy headlines is what mostly attracts the user. Try to have catchy headlines.

    Build your backlinks: Backlinks is the backbone of blogging. More the backlinks, greater the success rate.

    Have a simple web design: Simplicity has been admired for years. Google is the best example of it.

    ◘ Be color specific: Write your post in maximum 2-3 colors. Multi-coloured posts are always discouraged by the users.

    Evaluate your Blog: Having an evaluation after a particular time interval gives you a chance to meet your mistakes. Always welcome your mistakes but not one mistake twice.

    SEO is not GOD: Though SEO plays a vital role, but it’s not that you can’t rank without optimizing your blog. But if you know how to optimize, it will work as the spice on your tasteless dish.

    Do remember “Write for yourself first“.
    Don’t forget to read:

    How to Write a Headline Guaranteed to Grab Attention?

    How To make Good Backlinks?

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    How to stop our-self from Screwing up your Computer

    Stop screwing up your computer

    In this hectic schedule and loads of work, we often end up screwing our system/computer in one way or the other. We are not judging you because we know that each of you always keeps your system updated and kept on fixing problems and issues. But still, sometimes we forget in keeping up the basic things around and end up sucking up the life out of our systems.

    The computer can either have any kind of hardware failure or any kind of software glitch can ruin up the day at work. The initials to keep in mind are the basic stepping stones to end up stuck on various issues and getting frustrating anyway. Putting up the maintenance task make us an enemy of our own computer on which most of the work is carried out on a daily purpose.

    Regarding them here are 10 things to keep in mind for the primary purpose of improving your system performance.

    1. Are you backing up or not.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, not backing up the accurate data goes for 10 for screwing up.

    Backing up of data is always going up to be one of the most important task everyone must do.

    The reason behind is that your data is your most important stuff and you don’t wanna lose it. Data can vary from a few photos to large corporate files depending upon one’s priority.

    One can opt for the traditional method of backing up in storage devices like external drives or the best option to go with is online and cloud backing services.

    Services like Carbonite and Backblaze provide you option of backing up online at an affordable price.

    2. Updating your antivirus

    This point definitely gets a score of 10 because it is the most crucial option to keep an eye on.

    Your antivirus software is the most important software in your system which protects you from all kind of threats and keeps all your data safe without being infected.

    Notification of updating the virus definition pops up daily in front of us but still, most of us won’t bother to keep it updated.

    We keep our system and important data an active target for potential threats and end up screwing yourself.

    Even many software free versions provide you enough protection needs to go and stay up to date and keep your data safe if you won’t have one.

    3. Patching the software in the right way.

    As you know that in today’s world patching is the most common way to have that high priced software but are you doing them in the right way or not?
    Majority of people have faced security issues that will not only harm your data but also allow hackers to get hands on your data and misuse it.

    The security issue is mostly faced in Microsoft Windows and the patch has damaged a lot before one can find out.

    You must update your application or OS frequently whenever the update is available. The primary reason for an update can be proper fixing this issue as companies frequently.

    4. Using a strong and better password

    Passwords which runs our everyday lives. From our everyday device to our facebook account everyone requires a password to unlock the data recites in it.

    But what we usually do that our password sucks i.e. we suck at having a strong password that will save every part of our own data.

    Simple passwords can be a combination of simple words or numbers. Weak passwords are very easy to crack and easy to guess.

    Always try to use a strong password which is hard to remember a combination of ciphers but what if you forget it?

    Simple just note it down or reset will going to be the only option you can go for.

    5. Stuck up on older version on Windows

    As we all know Windows XP is one the best selling operating systems of all time in Microsoft’s history. But updates and support issues are well given up by the fellow company with their newer releases.

    What makes it that your operating system isn’t updated or patched from a long period of time.

    This makes it vulnerable to various security and other types of issues. So it is going to be better to find an update for the older versions.

    If it isn’t possible for you then go for upgrading your systems os as soon as possible. This issue can also be linked to that user who yet not haven’t updated their windows 8 to windows 8.1 version as well.

    6. Downloading from the wrong site the wrong stuff

    This is probably the most common issue which can be rated 7 out of 10 on the screw-up scale! Yeah. As we all know there are tons of website from which we can download our stuff whether it can be a song, videos, software or anything else. But what kind of mistake we do here is surfing to a site which can be malicious for your system.

    The reason for malware, adware, and ransomware attacks are common nowadays is not proper integration of healthy links in our bookmark folder.

    The best way to avoid it is to have a proper antivirus software installed on your system which does provide a safe scanning of these wares as well.

    And do not ever try to have a cracked antivirus as it is already infected.As a note keeps in mind to scan every stuff you download before using it.

    7. Clean up the Junk buddy.

    Just like junk food affects our physical health, in the same manner too much junk files are surely going to give you a rating of 7 on screw upscale. Too much junk files can slow up your system and you end up blaming your system slow performance, just like I did. Yes, I did that!

    As an option clean up the cache files and temporary data from your system if your in which folder you are going to find them or opt good junk files removing software as the best option.

    One thing we do on a common basis is that once we install a software we forget it to uninstall it. Files when not in use end up eating up a whole lot of your memory space and makes you frustrated.

    Nowadays many software free versions come preinstalled on your system as well which are also a cause of your computers sluggish performance.

    An easy fix is to go to control panel and uninstall all those preinstalled, not required software.

    8. Filling up the hard drive with those needless files.

    On a level of screw up with a scale of 5, it is still going to slow up your system very well. In general, we end up having a whole lot of unnecessary data like videos, photos or multiple backups and copies of files which slows down the system to read the drive as it uses to be.

    Always keep in check of how much-duplicated data can be present on your system and free up your system as soon as possible.

    This is also necessary as an operating system requires a certain amount of data to work properly. Windows have a tool named as Disk Cleanup or execute cleanmgr to keep your data up to date.

    9. You are not defragmenting and fixing issues often which you can do it by yourself.

    A solid-state hard drive does not need to defrag yes it is true but on a traditional hard drive, it is a must to have a thing.

    Fragmenting is a natural process which writes up your data on different locations of your hard drive.

    It makes it harder to process data on a hard drive and takes much more time in reading the data which eventually slows down the computer. What defragmenting does that it collects all the similar data at one location which improves your system overall speed.

    Not defragmenting does not harm your system in a big way but yet it is going to slow down your system.

    10. Ask for help whenever you need to.

    Last but not the least always be in touch with one of your friend who is good in computers or a professional to let you always give you the best advice possible.

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    How to fix 404 Not found error

    404 error not found

    404 Not Found Error! Fix it now

    An Http status code commonly we know as 404 not found error refers to a web page you are trying to reach but cannot be found on a server. These are frequently shown by websites and that too in various interactive ways.

    The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server
    404 Not Found
    404 Error
    Error 404
    HTTP 404 Not Found
    HTTP 404
    404 File or Directory Not Found
    404 Page Not Found
    Error 404 Not Found

    These are some common ways in which the error is displayed in the web browser just like a webpage. Another possibility of displaying this error is 400 bad request error. Just keep a check for 404 or 400 in your title bar to show the reference to which of the code.

    So what is the cause of this error?

    Now the mistake is on you, yes technically speaking it is a client-side server error which can be due to wrongly typed URL from your side or either the page has been removed or moved to a different location. Another reason can be the moving issue in which a website has moved the page but they haven’t redirected the older one to a new page. This in turn automatically generate 404 error.

    Now to fix this error just do the following :-

    1.Sometimes it might appear due to unnecessary reason so try to reload the site and see whether it appears to gain or not.

    2. Check the typed URL as you can mistaking entered the wrong site which showed this error. Make sure to find out that whether the error is pointing to a wrong URL or not.

    3. Moving up directory levels till you find a result.

    for example, let say a website www.website.com/x/y/z.html showed an error. So now try to move up to a previous or upper-level directory at www.website/x/y/. If you again faced an issue try for another level www.website/x/ and so on until you confirm that it is no longer available.

    4. Moving up to all directory levels, you can also first try to search the random post you want or using the category tab to search in deeper.

    5. Updating again your bookmark once you have found the newest URL.

    6. Clearing the cache in your browser can help with frequent issues. As sometimes the older error data saved as cache memory can be shown by your browser instead of going for a live version.

    7. Sometimes the whole website shows an error in this case you can go for changing the DNS servers used by your system but opt it in this case only.
    A particular website can show the error in cases when ISP or government has blocked the website or filtered the content on a particular website. Try to have an alternative DNS server can be a wise option otherwise.

    8. Finally, if everything fails. Go to the website support network and ask about the related issue if they have either deleted the post or moved the page to a new address.


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