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3 Things You Must Do Before Updgrading to macOS High Sierra

The latest macOS high sierra OS should show up in your Macintosh App Store update list any moment now. There are major foundational updates which will be enclosed in high Sierra, which implies it’s in your best interest to do these 3 things before upgrading.

“New technologies at the center of the system build your mackintosh more reliable, capable, and responsive — and lay the inspiration for future innovations. MacOS high sierra conjointly refines the options and apps you utilize every day. It’s macOS at its highest level yet.”

Now, in fact, the company that created the product can excite said product to no end. However this time, I think there are some updates that go with macOS high sierra. Which will modify how you utilize your Macintosh. Specifically, the new Apple filing system that features native encryption, safe document saves, stable snapshots, and crash protection. Plus it brings performance enhancements.

All that to mention, the way you produce, save and share files are going to be entirely different.

Now I’ve ne’er had any problems with upgrading in the past. However, I’ll be damned if something goes wrong now and I lose everything owing to lack of preparedness. Therefore I’ve taken the time to break down the 3 steps I’m taking before upgrading my Macintosh to macOS high sierra. It might meet you to do the same.

1. Update Your Applications

This looks like something you’ll skip and you simply may be right. The reason why I’m doing this step anyways is that there are some major architectural changes with this latest upgrade. And I wish to make sure the upgrade is as sleek and quick as possible. If the upgrade needs to figure out what to do with outdated software system during the upgrade, the entire method could take longer than necessary. which implies you may have to wait that much longer to yell at people with totally different beliefs and viewpoints on-line get work done and/or run your business.

2. Clean Up Your Mac

Again, in the name of as fast and painless as possible, it would even be a good time to wash up your macintosh. Not simply organizing and getting obviate unwanted documents. There are all kinds of old iTunes backups, cached browser junk, unused apps, archived system profiles and preferences, etc that you simply don’t need that are taking on drive space and clogging up your Mac’s memory, which is able to slow down and even jam up your upgrade.

Now you’ll dig through that all stuff (if you’re ready to find it on your own). And manually delete those files. Me, myself, personally, I don’t have the time, therefore I run mac clean up apps like CleanMyMac3 that may automatically search for and if prompted, delete this junk in a matter of minutes.

3. Backup Your Mac

You should be doing this already. If not, I can’t think about a much better time than right before a significant OS update to back up your Macintosh. Like I discussed earlier, I’ve ne’er experienced any problems with previous MacOS updates. Just in case something will go wrong this go ‘round, I will merely restore my mac and start over.

You can assume you’re bulletproof and nothing can happen to your stuff if you wish to, however, “If you stay prepared, you won’t need to get ready”. Backing up your mac should be apart of your own little IT strategy. It’s a good plan to be backed up “onsite” via an external drive connected on to your mac, or via NAS (network attached storage), AND “offsite” via the cloud using services like BackBlaze (what I personally use).

In my opinion, you’ll almost undoubtedly enjoy the most recent Apple OS upgrade for Macintosh. That is if you’re prepared just in case “shit hits the fan”.

Are you updating to MacOS High Sierra? What preparedness steps have you taken prior to the update?

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