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Top 40 ways to rank website.

SEO does it all…

Top 40 ways to rank website on search engines like google using SEO.

Top 40 ways:

1. Write Great Content- the need.

2. Write Unique Content- Plagiarised one.

3. Add new content all the time.

4. Create a great keyword phrase.

5. Choose a phrase that is popular, but not too popular.

6. Use the keyword phrase in your title tag.

7. Get a domain with your keyword phrase.

8. Use the keyword phrase in your URL.

9. Use your keyword phrase a lot, but not too much.

10. Use your keyword phrase in headlines.

11. Use your keyword phrase in the anchor text of links.

12. Ask other people for links to your page.

13. Try to get your keyword phrase inside incoming links.

14. Try to get links from reputable sites.

15. Try to get links from similar sites.

16. Try to get links from .edu, and .gov sites.

17. Create as much content as you can.

18. Keep your site content inside one theme.

19. Keep your site live as long as possible.

20. Create a sitemap.

21. Create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap.

22. Use 301 redirects for permanent redirects.

23. Use 302 redirects only for long or ugly URLs

24. Get as many inbound links as you can.

25. Put your keyword phrase in the first paragraph.

26. Put your keyword phrase at the top of the HTML.

27. Put your keyword phrase in the alternative text.

28. Increase the font size of your keyword phrase

29. Format your keyword phrases to stand out

30. Write a descriptive meta description

31. Link to your page from within your site

32. Put up links that flow within the text.

33. Keep asking for inbound links.

34. Get linked in DMOZ and Yahoo!

35. Periodically check your outbound links for PageRank

36. Link all major images

37. Keep your pages up-to-date

38. If you must use frames, always use the noframes tag

39. If you must use Flash, always include alternative text

40. Use Flash for non-critical pieces of a page.

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