Top 10 ways to improve your Photography skills.

Nowadays every phone is fitted with features which provides DSLR like image quality but many of us still trouble to get that one perfect shot. All you need is to focus and keep in mind these 10 points to improve your picture quality and get the best result out of your handset’s camera.
Top 10 ways to improve your photography skills.

1.Light does the role play

Yes as every photographer says, light is what which matters the most. Correct exposure makes your photo stand out from the rest. A correct exposure balances out the highlights and the shadow regions in your photograph which gives it the correct appeal, you are looking for. Apart from highlights and shadows it also helps us getting those perfect reflections of a various object which shows their true tone.

“Golden Hour ” is the hour which is the best to practice your series of shots. If you can get up early because an hour period during sunset and sunrise provides you the correct amount of light to play with. Not all smartphones are great in low light. So all you need is to practice in getting to understand what lighting conditions your phone camera will go to perform the best.

2.Use props for zooming

Never use your camera inbuilt app zoom function. This inbuilt function is the worst thing when it comes to mobile photography. It not only decreases the quality or your photo by blurring out most of the parts you won’t need to but also introducing a heavy amount of noise which reduces its saturation and color tones.
Instead, use your body movement. Lean out to get closer or place your phone on a frame mount set with a Bluetooth timer which you can buy at cheap.

3.Opt out the shaky hands

Camera shakes can also be noticed even on high-end cameras. Not everyone’s phone comes out with inbuild image-stabilizer installed on their phones by default. So in order to reduce this shakiness try to take pictures in a landscape mode i.e. horizontally aligned which proves out to give better results than portrait mode i.e. vertical aligned. If you can purchase a tripod go for it or make one DIYpod for your phone. You can also use the best available feature which is Burst Mode and then select out the best shot later out of it.
The idea must always be clear in your mind to place a phone in a position to minimize its movement. For example, if you are shooting near a short wall place your both hands holding the camera on a wall.

4.All about your Perspective

Change in your perspective changes the way you want to showcase your image. Perspective tells the audience what you are trying to convey or see through your image. It also gives a better representation of various objects, things or person whatever be the center of the photograph. Change your point of view, get a high rise, get a new vantage point, get a different shot and get a click which tells a great story to your audience.

5. Get the perfect Editing App for your phone

You can make your mobile photography an awesome job. Just like a perfect companion get the best app that suits your phone. Instead of getting filters get an app which provides you manual ability to edit features in your image. Go for Google Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom for mobile and get your hands dirty.

6. Clean you Glass(Camera lens)

Stick with a simple rule of thumb to always clean the back of your phones camera lens.In this age of dust and pollution, our phones do also get affected by them. The dirt and dust stick to our camera lens and stretches them which makes it difficult to capture images. Also not keeping your phone in a proper position damages your phone lens. Of course, until now you have also understood that your greasy thumbprint won’t get you those great images too.

7.Both Quality and Quantity matters

What a mobile photographer does? snapping away pictures of anything which captures their eyes, fancy. But the fact is to get more comfortable in your position of shooting you must shoot more. Just like any other work, in order to perfect it to you practice it at its best. It can also be applied in this case as well. Get more clicks and try to comfort your self with a variety of objects and angles at which you are capturing them. Getting comfortable in that odd position will surely going to give you the best result.

8. Flash! no no no!

My friend keeps this advice in your mind, never use your flash as a primary source of light. If you are shooting during night get your self a flashlight with a perfect warmth and intensity so that it doesn’t ruin your picture until you won’t have any other option to use the inbuilt one instead. Use a combination of lights ranging from tungsten and all instead of selecting them up from your camera settings.

9. Reflectivity rocks

Get around your neighbor, go collect some shiny and reflective surfaces which can be used to enhance your image. Get a good sized mirror to carry around with yourself. Click near lakes or ponds or puddle of waters. These surfaces will provide you great reflections. The mirror is going to a great friend as it can also be used to reflect light to a different point other than from its source.

10.Just enjoy clicking

Last but not the least have fun and enjoy. Click as much as you can whatever you can, your idiotic friends, family vacation, a great environment or a cute shot of puppy. Just explore yourself and always get going around.


Have Fun, improve your photography skills and Capture.

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